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Rocket Intercepted Over Eilat

iron domeSirens were heard in the southern resort city of Eilat at about 00:48 on Wednesday, 7 Elul 5773. Residents called the emergency ‘100’ police number to report hearing two explosions from area of the southern city.

Magen David Adom reports two residents were treated for hysteria due to be awakened by sirens and hearing the subsequent explosions. A third victim of hysteria, an 18-year-old female, made her way to Yosef-Tal Hospital on her own.

According to IDF officials, B’chasdei Hashem the Iron Dome intercept system took down a rocket heading for an inhabited area of the city. The Iron Dome was positioned in the area to provide coverage for the Eilat area last month.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. And the pm and our great president is still stupid enought to still belive they want peace!! “Must be bec. There still building houses”

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