Which Chareidi Yishuvim Would Be Swallowed Up In A Future Palestinian State In Trump’s Peace Plan?


President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” which was finally unveiled on Tuesday, holds a promise that no one will be evacuated from their home.

However, as a result, 15 Israeli yishuvim will be swallowed up in a future Palestinian state, which according to the plan will only be established in four years if the Palestinian Authority accepts the plan and adheres to certain conditions.

Two Chareidi yishuvim in Gush Etzion would be swallowed up in this future state: Maale Amos and Metzad.

However, considering the fact that the PA is adamantly refusing to accept the “peace” plan, the residents of these 15 yishuvim probably shouldn’t start worrying yet.

Furthermore, it is difficult to imagine the Palestinians adhering to the required conditions in order to establish a Palestinian state according to the peace plan: The PA must stop inciting terrorism and rewarding terrorists; Hamas and Islamic Jihad must end armed conflict against Israel; and the Palestinians must end corruption and improve human rights, freedom of religion and freedom of press.

A full list of the yishuvim that would be included in the future Palestinian state is: Chermesh, Mevo Dotan, Elon Moreh, Itamar, Yitzhar, Ateret, Bracha, Maale Amos, Metzad, Karmei Tzur, Telem, Negohot, Beit Chagai, and Otniel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Dr Yidd: Under the terms of the plan, kollel yungerleit living and learning in these Yishuvim in what would be Palestinian territory would also be exempt from being drafted into the military arm of Fatah.

  2. Do you think the Palestinian authority would give government subsidies to yeshivaleit and kollel yungerleit to make it possible to learn ? It should give us pause to appreciate what the government of Israel does good instead of just complaining and calling them nazis.

  3. This article is completely factually incorrect. Those yishuvim are the list of areas specifically included on the Israeli side. According to the plan, they would be established as Israeli “enclaves” under Israeli civil and military jurisdiction (properly under Israeli law) and connected to the rest of Israel via Israeli access roads.

  4. As I understand it NO yishuvim would be swallowed by the proposed “Palestinian state”. The yishuvim named in this article would be SURROUNDED by such a “state”, but they would themselves be annexed to Israel, and live under Israeli law (not, as is now the case, under military rule and Jordanian law).

  5. Please update this article. It is factually incorrect. These yishuvim are slated to remain in place, with Israeli military protection and secure access roads. The difference is that the areas around these yishuvim would be theoretically allocated to a PA state, if they accept the deal. Which they will not.

    So I’m effect, the US is saying Israel has the right to annex these yishuvim, but not the land around them.

  6. peace has nothing to do with two states. Gaza has its state and we have a constant state of war with them.
    Give Ab ass and the PA their state and we will have another state of war…..
    maybe Kahane was right? nah……