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SEE IT: Chareidi Man Is Only Person On Flight To Hong Kong [VIDEO & PHOTO]

An Israeli man traveled to Hong Kong on Wednesday and reported to B’Chadrei Charedim that everything was empty. In a photo the man took of the inside of the plane, the only people who were on the flight were the staff as hundreds of seats on the jumbo jet lay empty while the staff wore masks over their faces.

The man, who was traveling for business, requested to remain anonymous and said: “My wife refused to let me go until she realized that I had to go, otherwise my business would fail. Of course I am afraid, but I have no choice the work needs to get done.”

The man added that when he arrived in Hong Kong, he could not see many people at the airport. In a place where there are usually throngs of people, now there are almost none aside from airport staff and a few people leaving the country.

“When I left the airport I couldn’t find a taxi to drive me to where I needed to go. Usually, there are dozens, and I know one of them who picks me up regularly. But he told me that he is no longer working because he cannot fathom the thought of having random strangers get into his car with the virus so rampant.”

The man continued: “I finally found someone who would take me and I made it to my hotel. Many of the meetings I was supposed to have were canceled and everyone thought that I was crazy for coming. I told them that no matter what I needed to come.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Unless you are in the business of selling shrouds or building coffins, plagues are bad for business. Indeed, no matter how much, or how little, the Chinese government is misinforming (even if misinformed itself), the economic impact on the world’s economy may be quite significant.

  2. Am I the only one who believes this is stupid? Stupid of him to go, stupid of them to operate an empty flight and stupid of YWN to use a headline that makes it sound really cool to be going into a potentially dangerous pikuach Nefesh situation. I hope he asked a Rov if he was allowed to go.

  3. Is there perhaps a question of yichud here? For Example:
    No other Yidden (kisheirim) + Staff (perhaps/likely chashudim) = YICHUD!

    Male staff likely locked in cockpit + Service Staff (likely majority women) + nobody is simply showing up (certainly no heter of pesach pasuach) = YICHUD

    Just posing the question. Not paskenning.

  4. Umm not sure what to say here except i hope they dont let him back into israel?? Sounds harsh but this guy obviously doesnt get it…and calling him chareidi must be in dress because i havent heard of less faith in my life.

  5. I hope he sat himself down in first….
    This is what the Gemara means that some people like there money more then their life that’s why the Torah has to write love Hashem with your whole soul and all your money…

  6. “Hey, look at me, I shot up with heroin and survive the day!” There is nothing cool about doing something downright stupid and surely no reason to publicize your actions. The only thing you accomplished is fueling the fire for other people to follow in your foolish way. OK, we get it you’re ‘cool’, along with my two year old who rides his bicycle, with training wheels, and no hands. Yippy! Now let’s put it to rest, grow up, and move on in life.

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