WATCH IT: Mekubal Harav Gamliel Rabinowitz: “Don’t Talk During Davening & Coronavirus Won’t Affect You & Your Family”


Ha’Mekubal Harav Gamliel Rabinowitz publicized a special message to his chassidim and talmidim about the rapidly spreading coronavirus crisis.

“The coronavirus is an epidemic,” Harav Gamliel said. “We need to guard ourselves so it won’t affect us. I promise you – with the bracha of a Kohen – someone who davens with a minyan is like he’s in a protected room, a bunker. It’s a bomb shelter – nothing will happen to him, not to him and not to anyone in his family.”

“Have mercy on yourselves and you can test this. Whoever davens with a minyan, [the virus] won’t have any control over him. Take davening with a minyan seriously and not speaking during davening. Don’t cause tzaar to the Borei Olam and you’ll have a special protection for you and your families.”

“Do this and you’ll succeed. Gamliel HaKohen Rabinowitz blesses you with the koach of Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai and all the tzaddikim.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Note that this is contrary to all of the Rabbonim who have instructed people who may have been exposed to stay quarantined and NOT to go out for Minyan – to listen to the medical professionals in the area where the medical professionals are expert. As such, YWN should not be spreading nonsense like this.

    an Israeli Yid

  2. “rational”, the whole Torah “invites ridicule” from people like you who don’t believe such things are possible. I’ve never heard of this person and don’t know whether he really has the chops he claims, but his advice makes sense even if it’s not as certain as he says it is.

    AIY, he did not tell those who are in quarantine to go to minyan! Obviously someone who is in quarantine should isolate themselves and daven at the time that they know a minyan is davening. His advice was directed at the rest of us, who have no reason to quarantine ourselves.

  3. To An israely yid. Rabbi Rabinowitz was not talking about someone who has the virus. He was talking about SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE IT YET. That it would be a shmira to daven btzibor and not talk by davening. What is your problem!!

  4. anIsraeliYid, I invite you to see the video again (assuming you saw it once) and pay attention this time. The Rav never talked about people who may have been exposed. He is saying that the merit of not talking during davening will protect. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  5. The way I understand this Shmuess is as if someone came to Rav Gamliel shlit”a and asked him what zchusim can we do in order to protect ourselves from the virus – besides the essential following of the halachos of Vnishmartem Meo’d Lnafshosaichem.
    Rav Gamliel shlit”a said daven with a minyan and do not talk while davening ,and be mikabel shabbos earlier that you would normally.

  6. The Rav is entitled to give his suggestions. A G-D fearing person would try to do it.
    For those who need the rav’s biography here it is.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Rabbi Gamliel HaKohen Rabinowitz (Rappaport) is a rosh yeshiva of Shaar Hashamayim Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a recognized expert in Jewish Law and Kabbalah.[2][3][4]

    Rabbi Rabinowitz is the son of Rabbi Levi HaKohen Rabinowitz (1920-2015), author of Maadanei Hashulchan and Maadanei Malakhim, and grandson of Rabbi Gamliel Rabinowitz, a rosh yeshiva in Kishinev and posek in the court of the Chortkover Rebbe, Rabbi Dovid Moshe Friedman.[1] His family possesses rare documentation attesting to their status as Kohanim, tracing their ancestry back to the Shach.[1] The family surname was originally Rappaport; the name was changed in response to a Russian government decree that conscripted all second sons for the Imperial Russian Army.[1]
    He resides in the Zikhron Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem.[5]
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