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References To Israel Eliminated From Bible Translation

A new Danish translation of the New Testament eliminated over 60 references to the word “Israel” according to the Danish 24NYT news site, as quoted by an Arutz Sheva report.

The new “Bible 2020” mentioned Israel only once throughout the Bible and replaced it with the word “Jews” when referring to the people of Israel or “the land of the Jews” when referring to the land of Israel. In other cases, the word “Israel” was simply deleted with no alternative term added, the report said.

In some places, the word “Israel” was translated as referring to all of humanity, such as in Shir HaaMaalos from Tehillim, where it states: “He Who watches over Israel will neither slumber or sleep.” In the Danish translation, Israel is replaced by the word “us.”

The translators claimed that the references to Israel were eliminated to differentiate the historic land of Israel from the modern state of Israel.

However, their claims appear to be spurious in light of the fact that the names of other ancient countries or geographic areas mentioned in the Bible that are the same as modern ones were not eliminated, such as Egypt.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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