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Cut in Maatz Roadwork’s Budget Endangers Motorists

A NIS 3 billion cut in Maatz’s budget, the quasi-governmental national roadwork’s authority, will result in increased road deaths and injuries.

According to Maatz experts and officials in the Transportation Ministry, one of the roadwork projects is the installation of energy absorbing road barriers. Thousands of such barriers have been installed around the country to date, but Maatz officials warn with the current fiscal realities, the program will be halted.

The installation of the barriers has been a top priority for the Transportation in the ongoing war on road deaths, but the treasury has other ideas for the money.

Experts explain the standard older barriers either cut a vehicle in half, or depending on their shape, possibly toss a vehicle in the air at high speeds. The new barriers they explain absorb the impact instead of the occupants of the vehicle becoming the victims.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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