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Tragedy In Israel: Chareidi Couple Killed In Head-On Collision

A Charedi couple in their 60s was killed in a devastating head-on collision on Highway 90 in the Jordan Valley on Wednesday.

The couple’s car veered from its lane and crashed head-on with a truck approaching from the opposite lane.

The couple, residents of Migdal HaEmek in Israel’s north, were later identified as Reb Moshe, z’l, and Simcha Nizri, z’l.

“When I arrived at the scene, I saw a car completely shattered and a man and woman who suffered critical injuries,” said Yitzchak Tzeiger, a ZAKA volunteer. “Fire and Rescue Services extricated them from the car but unfortunately, after performing resuscitation techniques, we were forced to pronounce their death.”

The truck driver was lightly injured in the accident. He received emergency medical treatment at the scene and was evacuated to the hospital.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. What a horrible tragedy but why refer to them as a charedi couple.Is it more of a tragedy that the couple was charedi.I thought that every jewish neshama is precious.

  2. It’s time to put up a median barrier. It’s a very dangerous highway. Instead of the money being used for Israel’s next failed landing on the moon.

  3. A yid is a yid, each and every one is precious, priceless, but a yid who keeps nothing/little doesn’t come close to to a Shomer Torah u’mitzvos (a.k.a Charedi).
    Charedi is not just another faction, it is a different league (every Yid has the potential to become one, until they die).
    Everybody has faults, and every body has positive traits, but how can you equate someone whose represents Hashem and His Torah, to someone who does not (yet)?
    [If the title had read ‘Chassidish’ or, Litvish’ or ‘Sefardi’, then yes, it would be a valid point to raise, who cares which, they are all equally special.]

  4. Just as we understand that the loss of a Talmid Chachom is a greater loss than the loss of a simple Yid we can understand the the loss of shomrei Torah bidikduk hamitzvos is a greater loss. We certainly mourn all loss of nefesh Yisroel but it’s extra painful when it’s one of our community of midakdikim bemitzvos.

  5. I agree with every comment above. The barrier, although essential, will slow traffic considerably & so it won’t happen. I can’t tell you how many cars, buses and trucks have overtaken me on bends, hills & places where it just isn’t safe because they were angry I wasn’t doing 140km an hour. I drive carefully on 90, it looks simple but it’s a dangerous road.

  6. So, because they were “ charedi”, their lives have more value than a non-charedi one?
    Very interesting to see where “charedi” values lay when it comes to non-charedi JEWS!

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