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Israel: Majority Of New Virus Cases In Under 40 Age Group

The majority of new coronavirus cases in Israel is currently among people under the age of 40, the IDF’s Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center stated on Sunday.

Israel’s reproduction number (R) is continuing to decline, currently standing at 0.85, which means that each virus carrier is infecting less than one person. The reproduction number dropped to 0.88 on Friday, the lowest in three months.

“However, the infection rate and the burden on hospitals continue to be high,” the task force continued, adding that the public must continue adhering to health regulations.

“In the coming weeks, there may be a recurring increase in the infection rate, due to the lifting of restrictions and the spread of the British variant, which has long become dominant in Israel,” the task force stated. “This strain is much more contagious in comparison to previous strains and according to new studies in the UK it is also 30% – 70% more lethal.”

Israel’s coronavirus cabinet is meeting on Sunday to discuss the next stage of its exit strategy, reopening commercial activity such as shopping malls, cultural and sporting events, hotels, and gyms.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “it is easy to govern stupid people as long as you throw them a worthless treat every once in a while.”
    -Joseph Stalin
    What the globalists want is complete control – unlimited power, It requires lowering the human population and wiping out independent minded people, Wiping out small business people is dysgenic, that is what Covid is all about, We all need to tell the tyrants to go to hell.

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