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Baruch Dayan He’emes: Rebbetzin Kreizer, Mother of 7

7 children stood weeping, huddled around the body of their deceased mother at a Beit Shemesh funeral on Thursday night. It was a devastating sight to all who saw. One of the youngest was visibly not even in tears – His mother had been so ill for the last year, he barely knew her.The older siblings, however, knew that before she was diagnosed with cancer, Rebbetzin Malka Kreizer was a powerhouse, a beloved and energetic school teacher who raised her family with joy. When they saw her in recent months, huddled over her oxygen machine, struggling to make even the smallest movements, they barely recognized her.


Her widower, Rosh Yeshiva Rav Pinchas Kreizer shlit”a, writes the following moving letter to the public:


“Today, my wife and the mother of our 7 children, Rebbetzin Malka Kreizer, passed away. Malka was an amazing eishes chayil, she was a  teacher for many years and she was a wonderful mother.


As my wife was getting sicker and sicker, all she wanted in this world was to be there for our daughter’s chasuna. She passed a week just a week and a half too early. She will not walk her little girl to her chuppah. Our daughter’s heart is breaking.


Our daughter wanted to cancel the chasuna but I had to insist – seeing her become a kallah was what Malka would have wanted most. 


The couple still doesn’t have resources for sheva brachos, or basic things for their home. I also have the other six children to provide for and do not know how I will be able to support a large family on my own.”

Donations are being collected to help the Kreizer family survive after the devastating year they have all endured. Funds go toward making a simple wedding for the eldest Kreizer

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