Hamas: We Will Never Recognize Israel


hamas.jpgHamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah announced on Thursday that the Israeli embargo on Gaza will not bring Hamas to its knees, adding the terrorist organization will never recognize Israel as a legitimate entity. During the week, other Hamas spokesmen stated that Israel is “welcome” to launch a major operation in Gaza, which will “become a graveyard for IDF soldiers”.

The terrorist leader boasted that Gazans have endured much suffering, enough that “would have caused large countries to collapse,” vowing to continue fighting against Israel. He told a Gaza conference that he is confident that eventually, the embargo would be lifted, stating it has not and will not accomplish its goals.

Haniyah added that it is obvious that Israel in incapable of launching the major military operation that it speaks of, and vowing his forces would continue fighting and to never recognize Israel under any circumstances.

Southern Israeli residents were under heavy fire on Thursday afternoon, with over 50 mortar shells, Katyusha and Kassam rockets fired into the Greater Sderot Area and Ashkelon. B’chasdei Hashem only two women were injured, both lightly according to Barzilai Hospital officials.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. IS THIS NEW NEWS for anyone?
    Only fools (israeli govt) could negociate with enemies who do not recognize their existance. Fatah = Hamas = PLO, they are all the same!!!!