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WATCH: Police Conduct Sting Operation Near Meah Shearim, Chareidi Man Injured By Police Stun Grenades

A large police force conducted a sting operation against a money changer located on Hoshea Street near Meah Shearim in Jerusalem. Within minutes, a large group of protesters arrived and began rioting. At least one man was injured and transported to the hospital. It appears that the man may have been injured by an exploding stun grenade.

The sting operation was conducted as part of a larger issue that is being investigated by the police central command as part of an ongoing investigation against a number of people who are suspected of destroying the infrastructure of the light rail. Some of the suspects arrested are also suspected of financial crimes.

As the sting operation unfolded, dozens of residents began to stream into the area together with extremist elements from the Chareidi community in Meah Shearim. Police utilized riot dispersing munitions to disperse the crowd.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. the poople in Meah Shaarim do not have internet nor do they watch movies or videos, so for them this kind of excitement is FUN!

  2. this is fun as well for the discussed tziyonim, the chariedy Jews occupied Israel before the Zionist communist government

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