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PM Says Israel May Need To Take “Independent Action” Against Iran

The day before the arrival of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Israel on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel will not let the US stand in the way of ensuring that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.

Blinken’s visit comes shortly before the fifth round of negotiations between Iran and the US on returning to the 2015 nuclear deal.

In his speech at a ceremony during which the new Mossad head was appointed and top Mossad agents were honored, Netanyahu said: “The primary mission for every one of you is to prevent Iran from arming itself with a nuclear weapon. That is the supreme mission.”

“I very much appreciate our friend the United States, which has stood by us for many years,” Netanyahu continued. “That’s an integral part of our national security.”

“But a situation could occur where our principal goal — to ensure the ayatollahs don’t end the thousands of years of existence of the Jewish people — will demand that we make courageous and independent decisions. The State of Israel won’t allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.”

“With or without an agreement, we will do everything to prevent Iran from arming itself with a nuclear weapon because that affects our very existence.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Bibi is a good man with the most difficult job in the world.
    But he will do nothing. His hands a tied by the vile goyim.
    Under Trump Hamas sat quiet, because they new, Bibi could have invaded them and crushed them in a week. Now, the democrats empowered all sorts of evil all over the world, and his hands are tied.

  2. The Zionist leader tries to fool the world (and Jews) that he is the leader of all Jews. In fact, he is the leader of only the Zionists and their State.

    As quoted here, the Zionist leader also implies that Jews exist only in the Zionist State of Israel. In fact, there are millions of Jews who live outside the State of Israel.

    It is absolutely impossible for anyone to wipe out, CH”V the entire Jewish people. It is heresy to suggest even the possibility of such a thing. The Zionist leader is, of course, intentionally misusing the term “Jewish People” as a replacement for “State of Israel”.

    Another Big Lie of Zionism on display here is the Zionist leader’s claim that the principal goal of Zionism is the safety of the Jewish people. In fact, the Zionists have stated openly for about a century that the principal goal of Zionism is Zionism, not safety of Jews.

    The Zionists amply demonstrated this both in recent history and even during WW II when, among many other things, they lobbied foreign governments against allowing in Jews to their countries because the Zionists wanted the Jews in Palestine. As one Zionist said then, a single cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews of Europe.

  3. A lot of African Christians are witnessing first hand what Iran is all about. They see Hezbollah training ethnic cleansers in Nigeria and Somalia.

    Marriage in Iran is ownership of a 13 year old girl. But saying that is covering for the child molesting mafia entity. Because the mullah can decide that a girl as young as 2 can be given to an adult male as property.

    Iran occupies multiple peoples, including the Bolloch and Zoroastrians. Not to mention what they do to Yazidis and they don’t treat Kurds very well.

    While Sudan was ethically cleansing Christians its main ally was Iran. The global colonialists called the EU/Democrats/CIA stepped in and created South Sudan for the Christians. Showing their main obsession is antisemitism and just how evil they are, after humbling and destroying Islamist Sudan they knew no one knows anything so then made it ‘allied’ to Israel. Because like Nigeria its support from Iran during the atrocity period is mind numbingly under reported due to global antisemitism. Same with Saud now that the Eurotrash are pretending to care about the environment they made antisemitic Saud a friend of Israel. Same with animals Eurotrash abused animals forever now a forgery here a forgery there, and they love animals and it was always kosher slaughter which hurt animals. Even though Jews were the first to try to do painless slaughter.

  4. @hakatan

    I breaks my heart whenever Netanyahu doesn’t include the riboinoi shel oilam in his speeches, and says things like “I trust in the idf, the police” but doesn’t include the one controlling the police and army. I was very happy he recognized israel as the jewish country, and it is a huge kiddush hashem to say that.

    zionism isn’t a cool ideology that the nonreligious jews just have, rather it comes directly from the torah

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