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2 Bnei Brak Families Join Lev Tahor Cult In Guatemala

Two Chareidi families from Bnei Brak recently sold their apartments and moved to Guatemala to join the Lev Tahor cult, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The families sold their apartments, and the proceeds, as well as their personal funds, were transferred to the cult in Central America. The identities of the families are currently unknown.

The families were recruited and “assisted” in their endeavor by Lev Tahor leader Eliezer Rompler, who managed to escape Israel mid-trial in December and return to Guatemala despite a restraining order against him.

As YWN reported, Rompler disappeared from Israel, leaving behind a 17-page letter with his lawyer Gabriel Tronisoili, saying that “it’s clear that I won’t see justice from the Zionist state.” He was standing trial for assaulting and physically and emotionally abusing children from 2009-2011 in his position as a principal of the Lev Tahor school in Canada.

According to the B’Chadrei report, it is now known that Rompler has been actively working from his base in Guatemala to recruit new families to the cult. He succeeded in convincing the two Bnei Brak families to join Lev Tahor and transfer all their money to the cult, where members live in deplorable conditions in dire poverty.

Rompler became the leader of Lev Tahor after its former leaders were imprisoned in the US for kidnapping, child abuse and money laundering.

B’Chadrei also recently obtained photos of Lev Tahor member Ariel Goldman walking the streets of Boro Park in an attempt to recruit new members and collect money.

Lev Tahor cult member Ariel Goldman.
Lev Tahor cult leader Eliezer Rompler.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Ah, wasn’t it “former” Lev Tahor members who “tried” kidnapped a Israeli-US bagpacker ,close by San José Pinula, Guatemala for extortion of money before Succot?! 3000 Dollar they want from his family, because they run out money.

    It’s complete unknown , if the boy is still in their hands or not.

    Unbelievable. Disgusting.

    This people are a disgrace for Judism.
    Who donate money to them should be more than ashamed!!!!!

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