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Why Was The “Islamic Scholar” Terrorist Employed By The Jerusalem Municipality?

Hamas terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, who murdered Eli Kay, H’yd, and wounded four others in a shooting attack on Sunday morning was on the payroll of the Jerusalem municipality.

Although Abu Shkhaydam was a member of Hamas and was known to the police, he taught at the Israeli Arab Al-Rashidiya Secondary School for Boys in the Muslim Quarter, which is under the auspices of Israel’s Education Ministry but has a PA curriculum.

The Education Ministry published a statement saying that the issue is under investigation by security forces. The Jerusalem Municipality has yet to respond to the report.

Abu Shkhaydem was known as an “Islamic scholar” and was a well-known preacher in Jerusalem mosques. He prayed at the Al Aqsa Mosque every day, where he fought against Jews entering the area and urged Arabs to resist Israeli police by force. He held a Master’s degree in Islamic Law and was working on his PhD, according to his uncle.

“As deputy mayor, I’m not surprised by the fact that the terrorist worked as a teacher at a school funded by the Education Ministry and the municipality,” Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Aryeh King said on Sunday. “I have been calling on mayors and education ministers for years to monitor the content taught in the schools…it’s our obligation to monitor the content being taught to the city’s students because the supervision of the Education Ministry cannot be trusted.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Give his cursed body no honors. Dump it in the sewer system but first let the rats have lunch. Do not return it for a respectful Muslim funeral and burial. Or, alternatively, hold it and return it only after Hamas returns our boy’s remains.

  2. carry the body of Fadi Abu Skhaydam Don’t release this savage Yemach Shemo vZichrono, body under any circumstances until remains of Hadar Goldin HY’D are returned to his loving parents.

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