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CREATIVE HAFGANAH: Inverted Car, Dummy & Blood: Protest Over Ahuvya Sandak’s Death

Dozens of protesters blocked the entrance to Jerusalem on Sunday evening with a flipped-over car and a dummy lying in a pool of “blood” in protest of the death of Ahuvya Sandak, z’l, last year during a high-speed police chase.

The car bore signs stating “Justice for Ahuviya” and “We demand an external inquiry.”

“It’s important to us to illustrate to the public how the tragic death of Ahuvya occurred,” one of the protesters said. “We’re approaching his first yahrtzeit and it’s simply can’t be that the policemen who killed him have still not been brought to justice, and not only that but even returned to their work as usual.”

Photo of the actual car that flipped over, killing Sandak, z’l.

“We’re again calling tonight, which is also a difficult evening after another murderous attack, to carry out justice and prosecute the police. Everything has to be done so that such a case doesn’t happen again.”

Sandak, z’l, 16, was killed in December 2020 in the Shomron when the car he was in with other teenagers flipped over as the police were pursuing them at high-speed for allegedly throwing rocks at Arab. Sandak’s relatives and friends blamed the police for the accident, saying that the police car hit the teenagers’ car from behind and they also did not allow the victims to receive immediate medical care. The police blamed the teenagers for speeding off rather than adhering to their orders to stop.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. Feh! No better than “Hill Top” youths.
    Like a minority youth in America instead of fleeing you’re supposed to stop when the police you to. What’s a bunch of 16 year old chayas doing out like that.

  2. Listen here Long Island Yid — with all due respect, if you are dealing with the sort of police who will not allow first aid responders approach a scene of an accident to provide lifesaving care bc they want to “assert their authority”, then its clear their moral compass is upside down.

    Who knows what they were about and why these teenagers didn’t trust them, alone on an open road. Even if all allegations are true and teens were in the wrong, know who is the adult and has authority to get a warrant and return and arrest in peace. Didn’t need to be a death scene. Everyone is high strung in israel living in PTSD of terror attacks.

    Everyone has a relative or knows someone intimately who has a relative who has been touched by terror attacks. People who live outside city and have to travel on roads, have experienced deadly rocks on their cards or ambushes. Don’t have ti think too hard why someone doesn’t want to stop in the middle of nowhere and ask if it is even a real policeman trying to pull them over?

  3. @ Long Island Yid who gives you permission to call another Yid an animal? Your mouth and your heart is tameh. May H’ have compassion on you and give you some Seichel to understand the basic principles of Judaism.

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