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Sunday Times: Iran Has Positioned Missiles towards Dimona

According to a Times Online report, Iran has positioned ballistic missiles into launch position, with a potential target being Israel’s nuclear facility in Dimona.

According to the report, the move followed Israel’s air force training exercise [reported HERE on YWN] which is seen as Israel preparing for a possible future strike against Iran.

Major-General Mohammad Jafari, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard, told a Tehran daily: “This country [Israel] is completely within the range of the Islamic Republic’s missiles. Our missile power and capability are such that the Zionist regime – despite all its abilities – cannot confront it.”

Iran’s Shahab3 rockets are more than capable of traveling over 1,200 miles and the current launch state is seen as Iranian preparedness for a retaliatory strike to any attempt to target Tehran’s nuclear facilities.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


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  1. Hey Israel-In case you didn’t think of it yet…blow those things up while they’re still on the launchers…let them taste they’re own medicine.. 😉

  2. We have to say a lot of tehilim of all the issues what its going on now in the middle east if we calculate from 1948 till now how many pepole in eretz yisroel was killed because of the exsisting of the medina it will be a VERY big CRY on evry bodys face . Now with this bitter news that iran has put missles to dimona its a big SECONA we have to remember that the old days are gone the arab are more suficant then the wars from before let’s don’t think about the stattment what the isreali goverment used to say befor KOCHi VOTZEM YOUDi this is no more exsisting. Let’s do what the gedoli yisroel used to do when its used to be a TZORA only davening to HASCHEM in sitting in the kennest in trying to fight back it will mnot help

  3. Given the poor, and possibly non-existent performance of the Shahab3 as an accurate ballistic missile, it is not likely to be a threat to the Dimona nuclear facility per se, but it is a threat to the Dimona population due to its inaccuracy.

    As always, everything is B’Yad Hashem, and in our power – and our power alone – to influence Hashem through our Limud Torah, Mitzvos and Ma’asim Tovim.

  4. Isreal needs to get rid of olmert and why did iran and everybody need to know that isreal is doing drills???? Why couldn’t they use the element of suprise??? It doesn’t make sence we are missing somthing from the story!! Anyway good luck isreal your going to need it especialy after the arabs learned dead soilders are worth as much as live soilders so now they will never keep em alive what’s the point

  5. shazam – we dont influence hashem, we influence ourselvews, changing ourselves, which will be be mevatel the gezera, since the gezera was(or could have been) decreed for us in the present state – the goal of tefillah and teshuvah is changing one’s self, so that he is no longer roi for that gezera.

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