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Bennett Tries To Woo UTJ To Coalition To Replace Ra’am

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tried to convince the United Torah Judaism party to join the coalition in the place of Ra’am, Yisrael Hayom reported on Monday.

Ra’am, which announced a boycott of the Knesset weeks ago due to “the tensions at the Temple Mount” has still not indicated whether it will continue its membership in the coalition.

According to the report, sources from the Prime Minister’s Office say that ongoing discussions have been taking place with UTJ. However, UTJ vehemently denies any discussions on joining the coalition and even issued a joint statement with Shas saying that they are seeking a change of government and not a partnership with it.

“The current government does not have the nation’s trust and is without a majority in the Knesset, and repeatedly harms the Chareidi and traditional public,” the statement said. “We will continue to do everything to replace it with a nationalist government which will provide security to the residents of Israel and respectfully represent Israel’s mesorah and the weaker sectors.”

In recent weeks, Gafni had frequently spoken out against the continued leadership of the Likud by opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, saying that he harms the chances of the formation of a right-wing government. According to the report, Gafni received a green light from HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein, who is opposed to another election, to sharpen the tone against Netanyahu.

The report claims that when Gafni began speaking out against Netanyahu, contacts between senior UTJ officials and Bennett’s office and the coalition began, carried out, among others, by Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz and Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked.

Gafni denied the reports. “We’re fed up with daily denials about briefings from coalition sources and reporters on behalf of it,” Gafni said. “There is not and will not be any cooperation with this evil government whose time has passed from the world.”

“Naftali Bennett, who constantly harms us and our children, is using us, per his usual lies, to save his rule that has come to an end.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “…which will provide security to the residents of Israel and respectfully represent Israel’s mesorah and the weaker sectors.””

    No Zionist government is capable of providing security to the residents of Israel. Their idol State doesn’t belong anywhere, certainly not in Hashem’s “house”, and He alone will determine how “secure” they are.

    As well, of course, the Zionist idol State has no more “mesorah” than does any other idol. That is, zero. There are precedents and policies, like the “status quo”, which the Zionists have been eroding as fast as they can.

  2. In spite of himself Lapid is offering grudging praise

    This is the highest form in spite of loggerheads with each other of earned respect
    refused consistently to lower himself for parochial pork barrel interests Etc and most other pollution that goes in the knesset
    he is someone worth praising from other side unlike most other mk’s

    You all missed the boat ?

  3. @Hakatan

    Calm down man. Almost every news item that has something to do with Israel and Zionism gets you reiterating the same thing over and over. We get it, you think the state of Israel is a satanic curse the likes we have never seen. Now, please go do something constructive.

  4. HaKatan you are insane and a rodef vadai kehalacha. I don’t know what the deal is with you and your continuous obsession with talking about zionism but you are completely wrong and are weakening Am Yisroel with your rhetoric.

    the Ramban wrote many times that it is a mitzvah to attempt to in every generation – wrestle back physical control of EY into our own hands and rule by setting up a torah society there the way the torah permits. when referring to zionism today, most yidden do not mean the anti-torah and militantly secularist stance taken up by the original zionists from europe in the 1800s; we are talking about ruling justly, settling the portions of the land we are in control over, and using the country designation of the “State of Israel” to set up a kosher economy & defend the yidden in eretz yisrael from muslim attackers.

    All yidden who are vocally anti Israel must be put in Cheirem. they paralyze the yidden and cause us to stand still and soften our response when it comes to harshly dealing with terrorists & bloodthirsty arab murderers of our people. they compromise our security and are fully endangering the lives of the yidden with their rhetoric masquerading as “the only legitimate daas torah” on the subject.

    the fact is the state of Israel’s establishment was allowed for by hashem and most frumme yidden with a thinking brain can see that after 48, 67, and 73 hashems intention is that we remain there in control of our territory while we get all the yidden to do teshuvah ASAP and bring moshiach and the Geula אינגאנצען.

    rav avigdor miller said that the state of israel was given to us by hashem after the holocaust as a test to see if we would comply with hashem and create a torah society or not after living in foreign lands for so long with the goyim in control of us. unfortunately we are not living up to the test the way we should be.

    the truth is that israel is nowhere near religious enough nor zionist enough to meet the Hashem’s standards (and no, i dont mean the zionism of smotrich or ben-gvir either) and it needs to be much more of both because TRUE zionism is in the torah and is what we daven for every day. It is also a very big mitzvah to live in ארץ ישראל, and especially because today we have a safe & functioning country there and many frum communities of yidden dwelling there… unless the jews have a really good reason not to everyone should really be moving to EY.

    the ריבונו של עולם should guide us and lead us quickly back to our land בשלום and bring His people to FULL Teshuva to an era where the entire world will recognize the אייבישטער and where there will be peace and שלום אויף דער וועלט and where we will merit the rebuilding of בית שלישי and live together with Hashem and eachother with full Achdus in his holy city Yerushalayim for all of eternity; אמן ואמן.

  5. @Yashar

    So you agree with spending time commenting on almost every news item related to Israel saying the same thing over and over?

  6. @HaKatan:
    The Israeli army and security forces are indeed providing security to all residents of Israel. We don’t just rely on Hashem we have to do our hishtadlus. Just as in Williamsburg and Boro Park they have the Shomrim they don’t just rely on Hashem. well in Israel their “Shomrim” is the IDF. The Satmar shittah is outdated it is no longer relevant in our times. Their is no longer any question wether or not to establish a Medinah it is a fact on the ground it exists. It is in fact an economic and military powerhouse and has recently further developed relations with many of it’s neighbors through the Abraham Accords. We can all be proud of the country Israel has become. There is no “Meridah BaUmos” In fact there never was! But now for sure there is none. Most country’s are indeed very happy with Israel’s existence and. And would be very very upset to say the least if Israel were to somehow cease to exist. This whole notion that somehow Israels existence is in violation of the “Shalosh Shvuos” is an antiquated expired argument which in todays times makes absolutely no sense. We must live in the present. Not be stuck in the past.

  7. @Baby_Squirrel: You are quite confused, my dear. Do you think @HaKatan would be upset if a proper Beis Din ran Eretz Yisroel? Seriously… Also, you should listen to some other Rav Avigdor Miller material… lollllllll… didja know he held it was good that the mosque is on the making of the kodesh hakadashim because at least the pritzusdige not-frum Jewish women can’t defile the place…?!?! You’ve got a lot to learn… And re you’re comments about the wars: I’m sure you know what the Brisker Rav famously said… if a kid gets himself stuck in the mud, does a Father not pull him out just because the kid was naughty?! (Beautiful vort, btw, not that the Rav needs my haskama….)

    @Marxist: It’s none of my or your business how he spends his time. Sheesh. I meant I agreed with his basic viewpoint.

  8. @Yashar

    Nobody had really criticized Hakatan besides me so when you wrote “can’t let @Hakatan be thrown out with the dirty water” I assumed it was primarily directed at me.

    You’re right that it’s none of my business how he spends his time. But when I read a news item about Israel and Zionism and scroll down I almost inevitably find Hakatan ranting about the evils of Zionism and Israel it gets quite tiring.

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