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Is Moishe Kleinerman Case Related To Prior Disappearance At Meron?

As the search for Moishe Kleinerman in the Meron area continues, police are investigating the possibility that Moishe’s disappearance 100 days ago is tied to a prior disappearance case three years ago that remains unsolved to this day.

Moshe Ilowitz, 40, a resident of Mevo Modi’im and a father of five, disappeared in 2019.

His disappearance was similar to that of Moishe, as he was last seen entering the forest around Meron and no trace of him has been found since.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Yehudah and Shomron precinct, Superintendent Uzi Levy, and several other senior police officers visited the Kleinerman home in Modiin Illit on Sunday afternoon.

Following the visit, Moishe’s mother, spoke with Kan News, tearfully saying: “Today was the first day after 99 days that senior police commanders came to our home and they don’t even have one lead on the case. Nothing. This is Israel Police?”

Kleinerman added despite the gag order issued on the case, there is no additional information that has not been released to the public. “The development in the case was the arrest of a suspect, which everyone knows about,” she said.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Israel is the most technologically advanced country, with cameras everywhere.

    And yet after 100 days they cant find a teenager in a country the size of a small province in Spain…. right

  2. I smell a cover-up…

    either at the hands of the IL police or chas v’shalom a kidnapping by Hezbollah and the police’s incompetence and failure to acknowledge or respond suitably in time

  3. Mother not dumping at all, after all these days it only shows the lack of immediate search for this Chareidi Child….could it be the fact of his inheritance into a frum world and Bennett’s gov’t clash with this group…Police should have responded with greater awareness Time is the enemy

  4. @Sara Rifka, The bucher was not reported misssing for ten days, maybe you are clueless about the working of police the first week is the most crucial , I dont want to knock a woman in pain, but in Israel everything down to your choice of toilet paper framed in political terms, there is no bias here, just a late start on many front INCLUDING the family

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