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Arabs In Husan Hurl Stones At Chareidim From Beitar, Molotov Cocktails At IDF Forces

As Arabs in Shechem held a mass funeral for the Lion’s Den terrorists killed in an IDF operation overnight Monday, there were “solidarity” riots in other Arab areas throughout Israel.

Arabs in Husan, an Arab village right next to Beitar Illit, threw stones at Jews who entered the area for shopping as well as a Jew who was driving an Arab laborer, JDN reported.

In the evening hours, IDF forces entered the village and groups of rioting Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at them. According to Palestinian reports, the IDF soldiers responded by opening fire.

The Beitar Illit municipality has come out strongly against residents of the city entering Husan and risking their lives to save a few shekels.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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