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Some Facts Regarding the 2nd Bulldozer Attack

2-9.jpg[Click HERE for photos] For the second time in three weeks, world viewers had ring-side seats to a bulldozer attack in Yerushalayim, in no small part due to the quick response of the media.

In the case of Tuesday’s attack, as soon as police were notified, members of the press in two locations were summoned to the area. One crew was near the Supreme Court covering the cross-examination of Moshe Talansky. The second units were considerably closer, at the Prime Minister’s Office, a few short blocks from the site of the location.

The actual footage that was aired around the world was furnished by none other than Eran Sternberg, the spokesman of the former Gush Katif communities, who during the expulsion received less media attention than he did for his ‘happen-to-be’ film footage of Tuesday’s attack.

In another interesting tidbit, the hero shooter, Yaki (Jackie) Eshal, 56, from Sussia, the father of 8 and grandfather of 11, is a farmer who grows grapes and cherries. He is also a Tanach teacher in Kiryat Arba. Eshal was a company commander in the IDF during his military service.

One of his students was the Sayeret Egoz soldier [whose name may not be published], who eliminated the terrorist in the 1st bulldozer attack, who by the way is a brother-in-law of IDF officer David Shapira, who eliminated the terrorist in the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva attack in March.

Surviving the horrors of an attack does not guarantee one will not have to endure additional trauma in the future. This was the case on Tuesday for Orit Moshe-Zada, 23, who lost her sister Yafit Ravivo, 14, in the suicide bombing attack on a number 20 bus on November 21, 2002, in which a total of 11 people were murdered in Yerushalayim’s Kiryat Menachem neighborhood.

Orit was a passenger on the bus that was rammed by the bulldozer in Tuesday’s attack. She was traveling to a terror victims’ support group. “I could not believe my eyes,” she exclaimed.

“Only after the bulldozer delivered the second blow to the bus did I realize what was taking place. I was so scared. My entire body trembled. I shouted at the driver to open the door and then I could run outside.”

“Mother was very concerned. Only after she saw me and hugged me was she able to begin calming down!”

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel / Photos: Goldie Einhorn for Yehuda Boltshauser – YWN Israel)

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  1. The Emes is Klal Yisrael is filled with very special people and this is especially true in Yerushalayim! At any random time on any street corner in Yerushalayim you will find the most amazing people with the most amazing stories. May an end to our mourning over all the tragedies that took place in Yerushalayim and all over the world come quickly! Amen!

  2. It sounds like the arabs learned from us to bulldoze “things” they dont like. In our case, its their house. In their case, its jews. R”l.

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