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What Exactly Did FM Livni Do in the Mossad?

Channel 1 TV News asked what exactly did Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni do in the Mossad.

What has been learned is the following – she was employed by the Mossad Intelligence Agency from 1980-1984, beginning at the age of 22.

While there are reports that she was involved in tracking down terrorists in Europe, operating in France, it has been learned that after leaving France she returned home and entered an agents’ operations course. She almost completed the course but opted to drop out near the end to get married, at which time she left the intelligence agency.

In a Tuesday morning Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) interview with host Razi Barkai, Livni’s brother Eli was asked “was she really a killer?” Eli responded that he, Tzipi and other family members served in the military and security fields, and they were raised to understand one does not speak.

One senior official in the Mossad stated that from his experience, anyone who did not yet complete the operations course would not be assigned to track down terrorists.

Mossad officials in a rare step acknowledged her employment for the four-year period mentioned, and that she was in Europe, that she entered the operations course, and that she left on her own to get married.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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