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VIDEOS: Leftists Set Up “Draft Office” In Bnei Brak, Provoke Ponevezh Bochurim

Left-wing protesters arrived in Bnei Brak early Thursday morning as part of an “escalated national disruption day” against the government’s judicial reform plan.

At about 7:30 a.m., the protesters blocked Rechov Yerushalayim near the Bnei Brak municipality. Army reservists belonging to the “Brothers in Arms” movement” blocked the entrance to the municipality with barbed wire and established a mock army recruitment office outside the building.

Some of the protesters continued walking to other areas of Bnei Brak and protested in front of Yeshivas Ponoevezh as first seder was beginning. When some of the bochurim went outside to ask the protesters to quiet down, they tried to provoke them by screaming: “Come enlist, Golani, Givati and paratroopers are waiting for you.”

In Hod HaSharon, protesters sprayed statements against the judicial reform on the door of the city’s main shul. The police launched an investigation into the incident.

In Jerusalem, protesters dressed as municipal employees demonstrated overnight Wednesday by painting a red and pink strip on the street leading from the Russian compound to Israel’s Supreme Court. Police arrested five of the protesters for vandalizing public property.

In Haifa, Navy reservists blocked the entry of commercial ships into the port with boats bearing signs stating: “Sailors will not sail into a dictatorship.”

Protesters gathered at numerous other locations throughout the country, including outside the embassies of the United States and the UK in Tel Aviv, and blocked numerous highways, including the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv. A particularly large protest is scheduled to be held at Kikar HaBima in Tel Aviv at 7 p.m.

A violent clash took place between protesters who were blocking a street in Tel Aviv and a civilian driver after the driver sprayed pepper spray at several protesters, as seen in the video below:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Stupid and illegal to commit vandalism by painting slogans on shuls and public buildings. However, encouraging bochurim to find some way to join the IDF or perform public service consistent with their hashkafah (perhaps in the special frum brigades) seems like a new positive for all.

  2. the leftists know they lost their hold on the 1 institution which protects their decadent lifestyle as the democracy shows that real Israelis are frum right wingers. these people would never dare protest in an Arab village which doesnt go to the army, they show the typical Zionist contempt for Torah even though Ponovezh is a das Yochid who puts up a Zionist flag every so called “indepedence Day”

  3. Why aren’t they setting up their recruiting office in Jaffa or Nazareth or Umm al Fahm? The leftists always overlook the fact that Arab Israelis are the ones who take a bigger share of welfare, don’t serve in the IDF( except for some Bedouins), as well as have the highest crime rate . But they are never criticized by the left. I wonder how much all that spray paint cost Soros.

  4. gadolhadorah: dont fool yourself into thinking these telavivians actually serve. We all know that the combat soldiers are religious nationalists or druze. the telavivians gets cushy desk jobs or serve in the choir. I agree that chareidim need to serve (and many do) but these telavvians are the last people to lecture the chareidim about serving.

  5. I thought that part of their issue is that Chareidim are parasites and don’t work! Uh-hum! At least those of the Chareidi minority who taakeh don’t work are busy don’t something constructive – these guys are not!

  6. Eruv Rav….filthy little sick minded dim wits….sorry, they are GOYEM
    Hashem , toda for this…how else can 217 years till 6000 be understood

  7. Dorah,

    How typical of you to throw in with self-hating, woke Jews whose only religion is hedonism. You’re incredibly ignorant to think it’s possible for a typical Bnei Brak resident “join the IDF or perform public service consistent with their hashkafah”.

    Stick to commenting on things you know something about, like defending anti-Semitic liberals, hugging trees and LGBTQIA+ rights.

  8. im wondering if Lapid is also protesting against those leftist. Or to waht happend in Bnei Beraq,
    Im sure he rather support it.

  9. So let me get it straig if lefty soldiers don’t like the government (like judicial reform) they will avoid service and are hailed, but Haredim opposing army lifestyle ideas and morals are slammed? What is hypocrisy again?

  10. “filthy little sick minded dim wits”
    SaraRifka: Strange for you to speak about your brothers in such harsh terms. Perhaps you will feel more positive if some of them actually enlist in the IDF.

  11. Dorah,

    So in the U.S. there’s no higher calling for a Jew than to be woke and in Israel it’s to enlist in the IDF. What a strange little religion you have created for yourself.

  12. Yes, we should share the burden: Ol Torah and mitzvos that is, so as soon as the anti-religious left stops advocating for public transportation on Shabbos, mixed combat units and only mixed graduate education programs, and Toeiva parades, we can have a conversation about how to structure frum units in the army. Anyone who thinks yeshiva bochurim should leave the Beis Medrash to “serve” is at best an idiot or worse a Koifer – they are already serving in the most effective way possible to defend
    Klal Yisroel.

  13. But the people pushing the judicial reform are zionists who serve in the army (including some religious zionists whom the army command doesn’t entirely trust). The Hareidim who refuse to serve in the army, and reject the existence of the state, couldn’t care whether the medinah is run by the talmidim of Rav Kook or of Theodore Herzl (and I do know there are some frum zionists who believe they serve the medinah by learning Torah rather than been playing soldier, which is a bit hypocritical). And the leftists should have figured out that anyone frum they force into the army is not going to become a good left-winger, but will side with the ultra-nationalists – which is significant since the leftists are talking about doing a mutiny or a putsch, and remember that the officer corps, especially in the higher rank are still dominated by left-wingersand the last thing they want are frum soldiers “watching their backs”.

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