Whoops! Pro-Judicial Reform Ads Published In Haaretz, CEO Apologizes


Amos Schocken, the publisher of Haaretz, apologized on social media for two pro-judicial reform ads published in his newspaper.

One Haaretz reader who bought the paper on Friday and was terribly perturbed to see the ads, wrote to Shocken: “What are you thinking? On Thursday, we’ll shut down the country, miss days of work, lie on the asphalt, get beaten by police officers…fund your newspapers, and on Friday you’ll humiliate us with these ads? You’re also disconnected? Where do you live? You should be ashamed.”

Shocken quickly responded: “I apologize. A serious error in our advertising department, contrary to instructions to submit every political ad for approval. In this case, the instructions weren’t heeded and  the ads were published without being approved beforehand.”

“It is clear to me that we would not approve false ads like these two. Ha’aretz is resolute in the fight against dictatorship until victory.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They live in bubble La La Land detched from reality.
    But it will hit them again when next elections come around after the passing of Judicial reform.