Judicial Architect Rothman: “The Elections Will Not Be Stolen, Take To The Streets!”

Simcha Rothman chairs a meeting of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee on March 19, 2023. (Noam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson)

One of the architects of the government’s judicial reform plan, chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution Committee Simcha Rothman, called for a right-wing protest in Jerusalem on Monday evening.

Israel descended into chaos on Monday as the fate of the judicial reform hung in the balance and the Histadrut labor union brought the country to halt with a widespread strike. Left-wing protests were relaunched across the country, with protesters closing down major highways and making their way to Jerusalem to protest outside the Knesset.

“The elections will not be stolen!” Rothman wrote. “The people demand a radical overhaul of the justice system. Tzion will be redeemed in its mishpat. We must not accept a reality in which there are people whose voices don’t count. Go out and return the voice to the people.”

The ad for the protest states: “Emergency Situation. We’re going up to Yerushalayim. The elections will not be stolen. The right-wing camp is holding a protest of support in Jerusalem. It’s forbidden to cede the choice of the people! Today (Monday) at 6 p.m. opposite the Knesset square on Rechov Kaplan. Bring a flag and come!”

Also, for the first time since the protests against the reform began, the members of the “La Familia” organization of Beitar Jerusalem fans announced that they will be joining the protest in favor of judicial reform opposite the Knesset in Jerusalem on Monday evening at 6 p.m.

Thousands of left-wing protesters are already gathered near the Knesset as of early Monday afternoon. Jerusalem Police is increasing its presence in the area ahead of the right-wing protest in the evening in fear of clashes between the two groups.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



  1. Tzion will be redeemed in its mishpat. Simcha Rothman a man of wisdom & intelligence, rightly so, making sure the right wing stand up for what they achieved in the elections

  2. The reality is that elite minority in Eretz Yisrael controls the economy, created the Tech sector that is critical for defense as well as the economy, and that same minority dominates the officer ranks in the army. That minority also controls the judiciary and used it to compensate for the fact that as a minority, they can never be sure of controlling the Kenesset (and remember that much of the current opposition are right-wingers who can’t stand Bibi – the left-wing elite probably is not more than 20% of the country).

    The choice is between a zionist medinah controlled that the secular European-oriented elite, or a Jewish yishuv run according to Torah, but as an autonomous community (dhimmi) with few political rights. A democratic (meaning majority rule as determined in elections) state that is pro-Yiddishkeit and in which Yidden run the government IS NOT AN OPTION. This is very frustrating to the religious zionists such as Simcha Rothman.