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TREASON: Ex-Con Ehud Olmert: “US Should Re-Evaluate Its Ties With Israel”

Ex-prime minister Ehud Olmert called on the Biden administration to reevaluate its relationship with Israel.

In an interview with the Israeli Democrat TV channel on Sunday evening, ex-prisoner Olmert said that “the United States should reassess its relations with Israel, for all that this implies.”

“I call on world leaders not to meet with Netanyahu, to boycott him, “Olmert said, repeating the shocking statement he made in previous interviews.

“Everyone who loves the State of Israel has to be opposed to the Israeli government,” he said, elaborating that Biden, who has a long history of support for Israel, must act against the government. “Biden, if he loves Israel, must act against the government.”

Channel 14 journalist Yinon Magal responded to the interview by stating: “I call on the Prison Services to re-evaluate the early release of the prisoner Olmert, for all that this implies.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Does the legal system allow a public official to revoke the early release of an Israeli convict? That is what the Channel 14 news guy is proposing to the Israeli prison chief for Olmert’s statement on politics.

  2. This is where freedom of speech crosses the red line
    He is damaging the whole country
    This is unadulterated high treason
    He should be sentenced to prison again

  3. When American’s announce that they refuse to accept the results of an election, nor will they recognize the President of the United States as being lugitimate, is that treason, or free speech?

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