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WATCH: Israeli Whose Wife & Kids Are In Gaza Cries Shema Yisrael At EU

A special session of the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday began with a moment’s silence in memory of the 1,400 victims of the Hamas massacre in Israel.

Yoni Asher, whose wife, 33, and daughters, aged 2.5 and 5, are being held captive in Gaza, spoke at the session.

Asher’s wife and children, who have German citizenship, were visiting her mother that Shabbos on Kibbutz Nir Oz. At 10:30 a.m., she messaged her husband, who was at their home in central Israel, that terrorists had entered her mother’s home. That was the last he heard from her. Asher later traced her phone to Khan Younis and then saw a video on social media showing his wife and children in Gaza. His mother-in-law was abducted along with them but she was murdered along the way in front of her daughter and granddaughters.

Watch the powerful and heartbreaking video below.

The video below shows Asher showing the president of Germany and his wife the video of his wife and children being kidnapped.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. In the merit of our prayers In the merit of our crying to Hashem in the merit of our returning to Hashem in the merit of judging another fellow Yid in a positive manner and giving another Yid the benefit of the doubt
    Hashem please help us
    Hashem please help us
    Hashem please return to us all the hostages
    Right away please Hashem help us through the Otzar of Matnas Chinom

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