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Drone Explodes In Eilat Schoolyard In “Suspected Security Incident”

A loud explosion was heard in Eilat on Thursday afternoon after a drone exploded in a schoolyard in Eilat in what the police are calling a “suspected security incident.”

It was a neis that there were no physical injuries as the students were in the classrooms at the time of the explosion, were occurred in the courtyard.

Seven people went into shock and were treated by paramedics. The school building was damaged, including a hole blown in the outer wall.

It is the first time that an explosive drone hit a civilian target in Israeli territory. However, there is a strong possibility that it was an IDF drone that malfunctioned.

In footage from security cameras, as seen below, the buzz of the drone can be heard prior to the explosion.

A police source told Mako: “It was unbelievable mazal that it fell in the part of the school where the students weren’t present at that time. Dozens of students were at the opposite side of the school and they were saved.”

The police stated that “police officers from the Eilat region, including bomb sappers, are currently operating in the city of Eilat, following a fear of a security incident. The police forces are deployed and putting up roadblocks and direct the movement of vehicles to alternative routes.”

The Eiilat municipality stated: “An explosion that occurred in the last few minutes at the Tzalim school is still under investigation. There are no casualties. The public is asked not to come to the area and allow the security forces to operate.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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