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WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: IDF Bedouin Soldiers Threaten Hamas

A video of Bedouin IDF soldiers threatening Hamas recently went viral on Israeli social media.

The Bedouin community in southern Israel suffered grievous losses in the Hamas assault on Israel, with 21 Bedouins murdered by Hamas or killed by rockets launched from Gaza. Six Bedouins were abducted to Gaza.

The video shows a Bedouin brigade with their guns ready to enter Gaza. Their commander asks them: “You’re with me? And they respond: “Until death!”

The commander then issued a message to Hamas, saying: “Twenty-seven days ago, Hamas terrorists came here and murdered babies and women – actions forbidden by religious law.”

“We’re on the way to you – to kill you one by one. Ya Hamas – prepare yourselves – remain in your tunnels – hide there like animals. We’re coming to you – to cause your mothers to cry over you.”

“You want to be a martyr? Fine by me -you’ll become a martyr through my hands. You understand?”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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