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Mrs. Chana Kohn from Bnei Brak passes away 12 years after her husband Rabbi Alexander Kohn zt”l* The eight children left at home, one of whom just got engaged, are now orphaned from both their mother and their father* Her older siblings gave up their share in the help fund to enable the kallah to get married

Twelve years after she was widowed from her husband Rabbi Alexander Kohn zt”l, Mrs. Chana Kohn a”h passed away after an intensely painful illness, leaving 8 children orphaned from both their father and their mother. A few days before her passing she merited to see her fourth child get engaged- the first simcha in the home since the passing of her husband, except for the sons’ bar mitzvahs.

The engagement of the fourth sister was made possible after her two older twin brothers and the sister after them encouraged the next sister in line to ‘skip over’ them. Not only that, but in order to enable her to get married, they also declared that they would give her their shares in the fund which was set up after the passing of their father Rabbi Alexander, so that the combined sum would be enough to allow at least one person to get married.

How much they yearned for their mother to be able to celebrate her daughter’s wedding -or at least to participate in the simcha of the vort. But it didn’t quite work out the way they would have wanted- their mother was too weak to come to the simcha; however, after the vort, her daughter the kallah came with the new chosson to receive a brocha from the mother and to wish her mazel tov.

When the fresh kallah came to her seminary, her friends joyfully ran out to greet her and danced with her with great simcha– and then the telephone rang. “Come quickly,” she was told, “the time to part has arrived…”

The smile turned into tears. She hurriedly ran to the geriatric ward where her mother was hospitalized. They tried to get a minyan together for yetzias neshama, but it was already too late.

Their mother, who was such a special person, had returned her neshama to its Creator.

Please help the 8 doubly-orphaned children now>>>

The mother, Mrs. Chana Kohn, was an exceptional personality. She decided that her children would not be sad or pitiable. Despite the orphanhood and the pain, she educated them to be happy. In every situation! Their Shabbos seudos were famous in their neighborhood- everyone heard them singing excitedly and happily; the house was full of simcha, always- despite the difficulty and pain, despite the poverty and lack.

Two years ago she fell ill, and four months ago she collapsed and was brought to the hospital. A quick test revealed that malignant growths had spread within her head and damaged the brain. She never recovered- speech had become difficult for her, and her situation deteriorated rapidly.

Besides the three children in shidduchim who hope to get married soon and one kallah, there are another four children who are also approaching the age of shidduchim. The youngest daughter just began high school; in a few years she will also want to start a home- and the orphaned family is left without parents and without the financial means to subsist.

They must have help! Must!! Must!!! Am Yisrael will not abandon these poor orphans!! There’s no other choice but to leave our comfort zones, each one trying to do more than what he can- let’s prevent these orphans from chalilah going hungry!

Please help the 8 doubly-orphaned children now>>>

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