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WATCH: Rabbi Moshe Hauer Of The OU Discusses Tuesday’s Rally In Washington With Fox News

Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Executive VP of the Orthodox Union, joined Fox News to discuss why a massive pro-Israel rally is taking place in Washington on Tuesday, and what its goals are.

Rabbi Hauer told host Harris Faulkner that the rally is to “project the voice of the Jewish people, of the State of Israel, which is a voice of peace of voice that seeks and pursues life in everything that it does.”

“Yes, even in those horrific pictures from Gaza, those horrific pictures of of destruction, there isn’t a bomb which is dropped to kill. Everything which is done is done to save. We are a nation which is completely obsessively pursuing peace. And we need to pursue the peace and the safety of our people,” he added.

The rally is also intended to shore up and solidify support for Israel among Congressmembers.

“We want Congress, first of all, to continue in its very strong support of Israel to defend itself,” he said. “We want Congress and… everyone in the world, when they speak about humanitarianism to spend three minutes speaking about the hostages before speaking about safe passages – which the Israelis are busy doing.”

“And finally,” Rabbi Hauer said, “we want them to come away with a commitment to make America again free of antisemitism, to make the antisemitism that is exploding off of our university campuses – places of higher education that seem to be failing at basic values – to make them safe places, friendly places for Jews and for everyone.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. His goal is to make the College campuses more friendly to Jews…

    When the Yidden don’t make kiddush, the aino yehudim make havdala…
    Hashem is trying to amputate us from the culture found on these very campuses, a culture and education of the worst kind…
    See the Beis Halevi al Hatorah who speaks at length about the source of antisemitism, our drive to assimilate and become like Esav….

  2. “Rabbi Hauer told host Harris Faulkner that the rally is to “project the voice of the Jewish people, of the State of Israel, which is a voice of peace of voice that seeks and pursues life in everything that it does.””

    This is “Modern Orthodox” nonsense.

    The State of Israel does not represent the “Jewish People”. The two are not the same as is implied.

    On a separate note, the Jewish people care very much about the Jews living under the political control of the State of Israel.

  3. dear fox news: “turn the other cheek ” is not in the torah, but from the cristians. please do your homework next time. thank you.

  4. well said @HaKatan .
    And, that is exactly why i will not be showing up. The rally will be views as support for the State of Israel instead of support for the Jewish People

  5. Hakatan, I have tremendous gratitude towards you.
    For years I’ve been having a bit of a difficult time when Davening Shmoneh Esrei when it came to the Bracha of V’laMalshinim. We know why it was added way back when, but it seemed to be somewhat irrelevant to today’s generations. I used to have to “search” for people to apply it to.
    Not anymore. You and your ilk fall perfectly into the category it was designed for.
    Now I can complete my T’fillos with perfect Kavana.
    For that I’m forever grateful.

  6. @Hakatan
    FYI The Vaad HaRabbonim of Baltimore, not exactly an MO organization, is in fact urging everyone who is not in yeshiva to go to the rally. If you don’t wish to join, then kol hakavod, but why the spewing of שנאה? I thought we are going to be an עם אחד? Please let’s not lose that momentum. Rabbi Hauer is telling the world that we are one nation, not touting the merits of the state of Israel. Calm down !!

  7. Why in heaven’s name is he talking about turning the other cheek and not turning the other cheek? Jews don’t do that. That’s a late jc thing! Leave the stupidity to the yoshka pontrik people.

  8. @kinsler.
    Don’t be silly. Plenty of groups sadly to have in mind during ולמלשינים. Many yidden who follow Reb yoshke, many Jews who promote LGBT deviants, etc etc.

  9. Kinsler, without getting in the fact that “Bracha of V’laMalshinim” was written for a totally different reason and I quote Rabbi Abramowitz from the OU

    “The twelfth bracha, against heretics, is the one that was later inserted, with the result that there are nineteen blessings in the “Eighteen Benedictions.” According to the Talmud in Brachos (28b), this blessing was added in the days of Rabban Gamliel in response to an increase in heretics. According to Rashi there, “minim” (heretics) refers to those who deny the Divine origin of the Torah. The term minim is commonly, though not exclusively, used by the Talmud to refer to early Christian sects, who were more comparable to today’s “Messianic Jews” than to modern Christianity. (That is, they identified as Jews, albeit with ideas anathema to Jewish thought, rather than as a fully-independent religion.) Since this philosophy posed a threat to the nation, the bracha was instituted as an anti-missionary move. It refers, however, to any individual or group espousing heretical ideas within the community, such as the Sadducees. (In fact, it is the Sadducees who are mentioned by name in the Talmud where Rabban Gamliel requests that such a bracha be composed, though this may be a later edit.)
    The blessing was written by Shmuel HaKatan in response to Rabban Gamliel’s request. Shmuel HaKatan is also cited in Pirkei Avos for quoting Proverbs 24:17, not to take joy in the downfall of one’s enemies. One can see the relevance of this sentiment to one charged with the unpleasant duty of composing a prayer against other Jews, even those who constitute an existential threat.
    The prayer starts by requesting that “slanderers” have no hope. The heretical minim, being of Jewish background, would slander the mainstream Jews to the authorities. The bracha continues by asking that all evil disappear in an instant and that God’s enemies speedily be cut down. Next, we ask that God uproot, break, chop up and bring low all doers of evil, soon and in our lifetimes. We conclude the blessing praising God, Who breaks His enemies and humbles the wicked. However, due to centuries of censorship, many variations of this bracha exist.
    Despite the addition of this nineteenth bracha, the prayer is still called “Shemoneh Esrei” from a desire that this blessing be rendered unnecessary and removed, restoring our daily prayers to the originally-intended eighteen.”
    Do you disagree with Hakatan when he says the State does not represent the Jewish People?
    Do you feel they did well representing the Jewish People from Yemen during the years 1948-1954?
    Do you understand that State of Israel includes the likes of Yair Lapid, an open Atheist?
    My assumption is that as someone who Davens Shmoneh Esrei, you wish your children to have better recognition of the Almighty, more than some of the
    We all agree and Hakatan writes “Jews care about all Jews, for their safety. We love our brothers and we also hope that they come to recognize that Our father in heaven runs the world.
    I suggest you focus the bracha on those that hate jews and jewish law……

  10. @sarah s
    The Vaad only “supported” before the speaker lineup was announced. Once it was announced yesterday many Rabbanim backed out
    There was a lot of funny business going on behind the scenes and I for one am glad I cancelled my train ticket this morning

  11. What hakatan said is true, but regarding the “turn the other cheek” part, rabbi haur responded perfectly. We may not use that language, but we do believe in being mevater, letting things go when we are not in persistent danger, i.e. insults. Turn the other cheek is a Christian teaching about physical violence. If someone hits you, yushke said to turn and motion him to hit you again – that’s nonsense, and haur did not subscribe to it. He used the term in context of what judaism actually teaches, and his demeanor – not his message – was exemplary. He was machniah himself, spoke with reverence, as a jew in galus. He made no demands, rather he was humble. Starting a discussion about a news anchors use of a Christian term when on friendly territory is counter productive.

    The content of his speech was not true to Torah values, but i admire his demeanor – more Jewish voices should learn from him

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