An estimated 200,000 are attending the ‘March for Israel’ protest Tuesday on the National Mall, a month after the Hamas attack on Israel.

The event started at 1 p.m.

The rally was organized by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which described it as “an opportunity for all Americans to come together in solidarity with the people of Israel to demonstrate our commitment to America’s most important ally” in the region.


  1. why watch people who hate the Torah? our rabbonim have been clear that this event promotes evil people and an evil state. we must not stand side by side with our enemies, with people who want our destruction.

  2. A army which is against our Torah will never have hatzlucha fighting against the גלות is fighting against hshem we only need to daven to hshem he should help us without giving him ideas, not the army and not chamas will help us, this army is not belonging to us it’s belongs to the Zionist, to rally in Washington will not cool of any antisemitism but just the opposite it always will be עשיו שונא ליעקב

  3. what a chilul Hashem.
    May Hashem forgive us for not protesting/stopping this gimel averos chamuros in time, (just as all the gedolim originally supporting it have now rescinded so).
    May Hashem have rachmanus on us DESPITE this c”h.

  4. somejewiknow – Which rabbonim exactly? i read the Kol Koreh that YWN posted it seems like it was a 4 Rabbis on the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah out of 13 so a minority of them most of them did not sign it 9 of them. and the ones that did where all BMG all Lakewood.

    What is the problem with uniting with Other jewish groups even if you don’t see exactly Eye to Eye with them? did Hitler care who was frum or yeshivish or secular or Modox? did Hamas care? for one day the jewish people can show a united front as we thank america for being supportive etc.

  5. Such a stupid comment to start things off.
    Many, many yeshivos sent busses.
    Chareidi kollels and minyans by me made special neitz minyanim to help people get to the rally.
    But some rando knows better than virtually the entire klal.

  6. For clarification for those who are wondering what DrYidd means by ahavas yisrael, just see his message (re the jeremy corbyn post) and the yenem machla that he wishes upon another Jew…

  7. JewGut, now you’re a liar too. DrYidd told the truth that you don’t want to hear, but he never wished a disease on anyone; you made that up thinking that nobody would check.

  8. So what does “JewGut, see if you can arrange for the delivery of an asbestos suit where you are going” mean please??

    Just in case the same ignorance that causes you to love lg*** horses like the malach ha-mirvis or rabbi j. dreck is the same here, i’d let you know that asbestos is a carcinogenic material, so it is quite clear what he/she meant.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if DrYidd and milhouse are one and the same…..