FILTHY JEW HATER: Jeremy Corbyn Refuses To Call Hamas A Terror Group – 15 Times! [SEE THE VIDEO]


In an interview on British TV with Piers Morgan, Jeremy Corbyn, an infamous antisemite and former leader of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party, refused to label Hamas as a terrorist organization. His sidestepping – despite being asked whether Hamas is a terror organization no less than 15 times – comes despite the Hamas’s designation under the UK’s Terrorism Act and Corbyn’s previous statement of regret over calling Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends.”

Throughout the intense exchange, Morgan persistently questioned Corbyn, asking, “Can you call them a terrorist group, Jeremy?” Corbyn repeatedly evaded a direct response, instead questioning the possibility of a “rational discussion” with Morgan. Despite promising to address Morgan’s questions, Corbyn diverted the conversation towards the topic of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

“I’ve asked you two questions: Should Hamas stay in power, and are they a terror group? You’re refusing to answer either of them. That is very telling,” an angry Morgan told Corbyn.

“And you wonder why people think you had a problem with Jewish people, right?” Morgan quipped.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Actually he has done so many times, and has condemned hamas’s attack various times.
    YWN’s click bait title just reveals the total ignorance on how things work in the UK, and why the tv presenter acts the way he did, who he is etc.
    BAck a few years, when all the leftist zionists, including the l***** so called “chief rabbi” (malach ha)Mirvis, and the like came out and terrorised Jeremy, ALL the Haimishe Rabbonim (sorry no not including the smartphone wielding/woke/liberal ones from GG etc) all came out with a letter explicately stating that the persecution of those “rabbi’s” was not done in our name.
    Religious Jews do not engage in political playing and bending-hand-behind-back games.
    His foreign policy is definitely not the most israel friendly, though I personally know of varios frum (no not NK’s) people close to him.
    He was and is fond of Jewish people per se.
    He just not so of the zionist state, and because of his inability/unwillingness to bow for zionist terror pr tactics, he’s been branded as an anti-Semite and lots of other hogwash.
    Come go on ignoramus’s here at ywn, start up with the usual limited stupid comments etc…

  2. What many people don’t understand about Jermy Corbyn, he is not a Jew hater he may not even be anti-semitic. He is a far left lunatic who is very confused, he is blinded to anti-semetism which caused him seriious political damage. This is due to his low IQ and lack of proper education, he is a very shallow and simple minded man who cannot grasp the bsic situation in the middle east. Frankly his opinion has no importance since he can’t think things through like an average mature adult. His refusal to say hamas is a terror group comes from a very confused and stupid mind. I would rephrase th eheadline here to: SMALL MINDED, CONFUSED IDIOT: Jeremy Corbyn Refuses To Call Hamas A Terror Group – 15 Times! [SEE THE VIDEO].

  3. JewGut, your so-called “rabbonim” are NOT rabbonim, they are resho’im and apikorsim. At least the mah-yoffis yidden in Europe had an excuse, they depended on these people for their livings. In the UK nobody depends on Corbyn. He’s a nazi piece of dreck, and should be treated like one. Even the Labor Party threw him out, but your so-called “rabbonim” support him?!

  4. @DrYidd, thanks for revealing your true ‘ahavas yisrael’ that all idiots promote to be a ‘chiyuv’ for every opposite of the torah, but anything remotely akin to is considered anti Semitism…..

    @Milhouse, thanks for being makayem my last sentence, now i suppose you consider yourself a competent ‘rabbi’??
    I am not actually sure you are aware, but you have just opened your filthy trap against basically every senior Rav in London, including the Rav of London shlita.
    I can only think that in your childesh ignorance you have emotionaly lashed out against the Torah, unaware fully of what you are doing, especially that I am 99% sure you are not from the UK, and have not an inkling of the UK and yidishkeit within.

    And actually, Rabbonim respected more than anything your toilet occupied mind can possibly think of, were the ones who did so. Just for everyone’s sake, turn down the dial on you idiocrasy level, and also never ever step in to the city London, because you have self prophesied (with your anti Semitic comments here) to be a real Torah hater, on whom we say “tachlis saney sanesi”.
    You should be utterly ashamed of your foul mouth speech, and speedily do teshuva. shame on you!!

  5. and here is the original letter in english by the Rabbonim then in 2018:
    “We were shocked to learn about those claiming in the media that the Jews of Britain are outraged towards the Labour Party’s respected leader Jeremy Corbyn. They have spread rumours that the Jewish population are considering leaving the country for fear he becomes Prime Minister.

    We therefore feel necessary to clarify that we have no connection whatsoever with these irresponsible remarks.

    Jews are faithful to Go-d and his Torah and seek the peace of the country they reside in and respect their leaders and heaven forbid will not attack their political leaders. As we have been instructed by our sages ob”m, and as is quoted in the book of Jeremiah (29,7) “seek the peace of the town I have exiled you there, and pray for her sake to g0-d for with her peace you will have peace”.

    In the merit we will endure the burden of exile and continue the ways of modesty here like the thousands of years of our exile in all generations, we shall be accredited to be saved from all calamities and be blessed with a kesivoh vechasimoh tovuh.”

    London 4, september 2018

    Signed (order of signatures),

    Rav Efraim Padwa Shlita (Rav of London),
    Rav Eliyokim Shleizinger Shlita (Zaken Rosh Hayeshivos V’Rosh Yeshivas HaRomo)
    Dayan Shulem Friedman (now S’gan Ava’ad London, then Senior Dayan, UOHC (Kedasia))
    Rav Zev Feldman (Rav Toras Etz Chayim (69) and senior Dayan, UOHC)
    Rav B. N. Halbershtam (Rav Satmar 86)
    Rav A. Shechter (Senior Mot”z UOHC)
    Rav Bentzion Blum (Rav Bobov Mot” UOHC)
    Rav Shemaya Lev (Mot”z UOHC, Dayan & Rosh Koillel Satmar (26))
    Rav Uri Ashkenazi Ztk”l (Admor and Rav Stanislav)
    Rav Yosef Yehuda Weiss (Mot”z UOHC & R”Y Machzikei Lomdei Torah)
    Rav Eliezer M. Shtolzberg (Mot”z UOHC and Senior Dayan Satmar)
    Rav Naftuli Elimelech Leizer (Rav P’shevorsk (son Of Reb Laibish))
    Rav Boruch Ch. Greenfeld (Rav Bobov-45)
    Rav Yechezkel Shraga Freisel (Dayan Skver)
    Rav Moshe Pollack (Dayan Satmar & Mot”z UOHC)
    Rav Boruch Laib Rabinovitch (Admor & Rav Biala London)
    Rav Ya’akov Dovid Domb ztk”l (Rav Satmar Tehilas Yoel)
    Rav Laibish Hager (Rosh Koillel Vizhnitz)
    Rav Tzvi Nechemia Shneck (dayan Satmar, Mot”z UOHC)
    Rav Lipa Braun (Mot”z UOHC, Dayan Nitra)
    Rav Eliezer Shleizinger (Rosh Koillel HaRomo)
    Rav Gershon Shpitzer (Mot”z UOHC, Dayan Vizhnitz)
    Rav Moshe Yitzchok Luntzer (R”Y Mesivta)
    Rav Avrohom Yosef Rubinfeld (Rav Chareidim)
    Rav Yechezkel Inzlicht (Rav Satmar Berach Moshe)
    Rav Sinai Deutch (Rav Shotz)
    Rav Ya’akov B. M. Marmorstein (Rav Ohel Moshe)
    Rav Meir Markovitch (Mot”z Satmar and now Rav Satmar Berach Moshe)
    Rav Pinchas Naftuli Erlanger (Mot”z UOHC)

  6. Oh, and @milhouse, if your looking for Rabbis to support yourself, you’ll be able to find solace in the -in cherem- so called chief rabbi (Malach Ha)Mirvis ym”sh, and all his woke lg**** cronies.

  7. Rav Padwa is NOT the rav of London. Dayan Gelley is the Av Bes Din of London. The Kedasia is a breakaway private organization that has no right to appoint a “rav” for the whole city. The Kedasia members came to a city that had a long established beis din, and they have to respect that. And Rabbi Mirvis is the moro de’asra of the country and deserves respect. Far more respect than any of the ones you listed. I’d bet most of them never even signed it, and had their names signed for them, or were ordered by the mah-yofis askonim to sign.

  8. @Milhouse,
    As anyone remotely aware of what is going on in the UK would now recognise, like me, that milhouse is either 1- extremely ignorant and disconnected from the reality of Yidishkeit in the UK, or 2- is an lg**** supporter and hater of the Torah, which is why he/she is speaking like that.

    The stupidifying ignorance in your words can only leave me to burst out laughing.

    1) If you want to talk about Dayan Gelley, the only two “rabbis” who would give a haskama for a united “synagogue” in central London to invite a muslim imam to recite their muezzin (call to their so called “prophet”) was your beloved Dayan Gelley, and the infamous Joseph Dweck Yemach Shemo, (who, with the so called chief rabbi malach ha-mirvis, wrote a whole book claiming that our holy chachamim were…… I don’t want to even say, but suffice it to say it was the inyan of lg****, and both of them and their sewer poison are one of the primary causes for troubles within the general Kehillot in the UK, trying to bring change and pshares in the shmutz inyanim, being moser on Jews etc etc..)
    And actually Rav Padwa is the Rav of London, I’m sorry to say.

    Dayan Gelley is the av bes din of the london bes din, which is compromised of not really doing much (besides for the giur part of it).

    1) If you want to talk about having kavod, Rav Chune Halprin ztk”l was the Rav in GG from תש”ג, which was in middle of the war, long before many of the trouble makers of various other “kehillot” turned up.

    2) Even Dayan C. Ehrenteu, when wanting to make the eiruv in the area, called Rav Padwa’s father Dayan Henich ztk”l, to ask him to check it, IN RECOGNITION OF HIM BEING THE RAV OF LONDON.

    3) Besides, many (if not most) of the so called “kedasia members” (there goes your kavod for Rabbanim) where in London long before Dayan Gelley and his cohorts even existed, sorry to tell you…
    4) The last Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Lord Sacks, once did something which he held that he had to do, due to his position. When there was a huge outcry from all over the country to what he did, what did he do?
    He went to the Rabbanim of Kedasia to relay/convey his remorse in doing what he did.
    He recognised that Kedasia was the Bes Din to turn to.

    If you really are of the opinion that chief rabbit malach ha-mirvis deserves anything better than for me to throw excrement at him, not so the holy Rabbanim in Kedasia, than either you are ignorant of what goes on in London, or you are a lg**** devotee.
    For those who don’t believe me, it only takes a couple of clicks online to find out what the so called chief rabbi stands for…

    And I personally know most of the Rabbanim (the others I know but not personally) and can personally confirm on most of the signatures, not that that would mean anything to a lg*** and any other avera loving/kissing guy, but mitzvot and ehrliche Jews hating guy….