INCREDIBLE: IDF Paratrooper Recounts Being Shot In The Neck By A Hamas Sniper [VIDEO]


An IDF trooper who identifies himself as Dvir, a resident of Yerushalayim, recounted while wearing tefillin how he was shot in the neck by a Hamas sniper while operating in Gaza, but somehow lived to tell the tale.

“I was fighting in Gaza for the last week and a half, in the special forces of the paratroopers,” Dvir says. “At Wednesday noon, I was shot by a sniper. The bullet came from the left side of my neck, through my neck, and into the right side of my neck, somehow not hurting… anything.”

“Today, I can walk and talk and eat, and [do] everything as normal,” he expressed in amazement. “And today I’m going home!”

Dvir said that when he arrived in the hospital, one of the first people he saw was a representative of the V’Somachta Foundation, which he said helped him “a lot” with putting on tefillin, Shabbos, getting him food, and much else.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)