WATCH: Freed Captive Ori Magidish’s Uncle Is Now Shomer Shabbos

Screenshot/רגע של חכמה

After IDF soldier Ori Magidish was rescued from captivity in Gaza, there were many reports of the spiritual efforts her family had made for her release, including tefillos, bringing a Sefer Torah into her room, and a bracha from a tzaddik.

There was another spiritual effort that recently has been gaining a lot attention in Israel – the promise of her uncle, Morris Elul, to be Shomer Shabbos if Ori comes home safe and sound.

Following the astonishing news about Ori’s rescue, Elul fulfilled his promise and he’s not only been keeping Shabbos since then but he’s also been putting on tefillin every day.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Thank you so much Yeshiva World for bringing to us this beautiful, amazing, awesome video.
    Thank You Hashem for returning this girl to Eretz Yisroel alive and healthy.