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“Israeli Propaganda:” Belgium Refuses To Show Screening Of Hamas Atrocities

President of the Belgian Senate Stephanie D’Hose refused a proposal by Israeli Ambassador to Brussels Idit Rozenzweig-Abu to screen footage of the October 7th Hamas atrocities, Ynet reported.

Rozenzweig-Abu first tried to present a shorter version of the footage to the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee but she was faced with an unequivocal refusal, with certain party leaders claiming that the footage is an Israeli propaganda effort aimed at obscuring “war crimes.”

Green Party representative Wouter De Vriendt said to Rozenzweig-Abu: “More than 4,000 children have already perished in bombings. How many more need to die before you take action? The elimination of a Hamas leader that resulted in the death of civilians is a scandal, especially for a nation like Israel. They constitute war crimes. You’re targeting schools, mosques, and UN employees. I had anticipated that a democratic nation like Israel would maintain higher standards. I was supportive of Israel right after the October 7th attack, but I can no longer sustain that stance. The brutality needs to stop.”

The Friends of Israel organization in Belgium slammed Parliament leaders, saying: “It’s intriguing that the Parliament faced no hurdle in agreeing to host a propaganda photo exhibition related to Palestinian terrorism last year. The hypocrisy of the Parliament is disgraceful.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen condemned the Belgian Parliament, saying that Belgium “is turning a blind eye to the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Hamas. This is not a propaganda video, rather it is a film created from footage shot by the terrorists themselves that shows their indiscriminate slaughter of Israeli civilians.”

“Turning a blind eye to Hamas’ crimes is tantamount to disregarding Israel’s right to defend itself against a terrorist organization that is worse than ISIS. Hamas is guilty of instigating the war, in which the state of Israel is defending its citizens and is standing at the forefront of the Western world in the face of murderous terrorism.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. belgium collaborated with the nazis to murder jews. now they ban shechita, try to destroy jewish education, and even try to ban mila. jews should leave and let the muslims deal with the christians!

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