PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM: Hamas Releases Video Of 86-Year-Old Hostage Aryeh Zalmanovich


Hamas on Friday released a new video of hostages, this one depicting 86-year-old Aryeh Zalmanovich, a resident of Kibbutz Nir Oz, in critical condition.

Zalmanovich, one of the founding members of Nir Oz, went missing during the Simchas Torah massacre in southern Israel, shortly after texting his son that terrorists had infiltrated the community.

He has two sons and five grandchildren, who have asked for their privacy as they grapple with their torturous reality.

As with other hostage videos, news outlets are not sharing the video out of respect to the family and as not to amplify the psychological terrorism being employed by Hamas.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. what are you gaining by telling us about it then?
    It would be much better to just leave it, than the murderers will see that it isn’t even being discussed.
    now, with your post, there will inevitably be a few who will go searching the web for it….

  2. Yaapchik, what the heck are you saying!?!?!?
    You must be a sick, vile, lost Neturi Karta, hillul Hashem member!!!

    YWN moderators, please take down Yaapchik’s post!

    Anything criticizing Israel at this time is not constructive, is inappropriate and factually wrong and should not be allowed to be posted.

    Our fellow brothers and sisters are risking their lives now for all of klal Yisrael and Yaapchik’s stupid wrong hateful comment is hurtful to them and all the families of the hostages and soldiers and the post should be deleted.

    I don’t know how you missed it and allowed it to be posted.

  3. @HaKohen1,
    You make yourself sound silly and demented, ohnestly, now just keep your cool!
    I know someone just popped your zionist bubble, or disturbed you in middle of your zionist drug-set-off faze, and the truth hurts, but religious Jews who keep the Torah traditionaly as it was given on Mt. Sinai, without the added ingredients and “GMO Judaism” called zionism, just don’e allow themselves to be subjucated to your tantrums and demands of loving every mechalel shabbes and hating every extreme frum one.
    All you do is show your real coulours.
    nd of, if the truth hurts, then drink another glass and go back to sleep, in your dreams you can think whatever you want!!