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IDF Announces The Deaths Of 6 Soldiers, Raising The Death Toll To 57

The IDF on Motzei Shabbos announced the deaths of six more soldiers who fell in the Gaza Strip, raising the death toll of soldiers killed in Gaza to 57.

The soldiers are:

Cpt. Eden Provisor, H’yd, 21, from Alfei Menashe.

Staff Sgt. Shachar Fridman, H’yd, 21, from Jerusalem.

Staff Sgt. Shlomo Gurtovnik, H’yd, 21, from Modiin.

Master Sgt. (res.) David (Dudi) Digmi, H’yd, 43, from Rishon L’Tzion.

Staff Sgt. Adi Malik Harb, 19, from Beit Jann, a Druze village in northern Israel.

Maj. Jamal Abba, 23, from Peki’in, a Druze town in northern Israel.

The IDF added that eight soldiers were also seriously wounded in the Gaza Strip in recent days.

(YWN’s Jerusalem desk is keeping you updated after tzeis ha’Shabbos in Israel)

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  1. Hashem Yikom Damam.

    Just wondering – is there something that can be or is supposed to be used after the names of non-Jews who lost their lives while defending Jews? Two of the soldiers listed above are Druze and are worthy of being honored for their ultimate sacrifice, even if HY”D can not be used.

    an Israeli Yid

  2. There was a שא’לה asked after the Holocaust about a goy who saved Yidden and died and Rav Oshri said kaddish can be said and משניות can be learnt for his soul. Response From the Holocaust..

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