HUMAN SHIELDS: IDF Releases Footage From Inside Hamas Tunnel Beneath Shifa Hospital


The IDF and Shin Bet have released new footage showcasing a section of Hamas’s extensive tunnel network located beneath Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital.

The footage was captured from two devices that were lowered into a tunnel entrance found by the IDF within the Shifa complex on Thursday. The tunnel entrance, hidden under a canopy on the hospital grounds, was near a Hamas pickup truck loaded with weapons similar to those used in the October 7 attacks.

The video reveals a winding staircase in the tunnel shaft, descending approximately ten meters and leading to a broader tunnel network. The tunnel extends for about five meters, then turns right, continuing for another 50 meters.

The end of this tunnel section features a blast door equipped with a gunhole – a strategic setup identified by the IDF as characteristic of Hamas’s tactics. “This type of door is used by the Hamas terror organization to block the ability of our forces to enter the organization’s headquarters and underground assets,” the IDF said.

“The findings prove beyond all doubt that buildings in the hospital complex are used as infrastructure for the Hamas terror organization, for terror activity. This is further proof of the cynical use that the Hamas terror organization makes of the residents of the Gaza Strip as a human shield for its murderous terror activities,” the IDF added.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)