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NEGLECTED IN GAZA: Israeli Doctors Fight For Life Of Captive Released On Verge Of Death

Elma Avraham 84, was released from captivity in Gaza on Sunday evening in critical condition and was immediately evacuated to Soroka Hospital.

Her condition was neglected in Gaza and she did not receive the care she needed. Like many elderly people, she has several conditions that require medications on a daily basis and she did not receive them. These medications were necessary to keep her alive.

Prof. Moti Klein, the director of the ICU at Soroka, told Channel 12 News on Monday morning: “Elma was evacuated in serious condition. She is in the ICU, sedated and ventilated, and is still in serious condition. Her life is still in danger.”

“She arrived semiconscious. It is apparent from the tests we carried out that her condition stems from the fact that she didn’t receive the medications she needed – medications that essentially keep her alive.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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