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Freed Captive’s Daughter: Red Cross Refused To Take Medication To My Mother

Tal Amano, the daughter of Elma Avraham, 84, who was released from captivity in Gaza in critical condition on Sunday evening, slammed the International Red Cross for neglecting to do anything to help her mother.

Speaking at a press conference, Tal said that her mother “arrived with a pulse of 40, a body temperature of 28°C [82°F), unconscious and injured all over – she was held in unreasonable conditions there.”

“Ima was abandoned twice,” she continued. “First on October 7th and the second time by all the organizations that should have rescued her.”

Tal continued by saying that her brother traveled to meet with a Red Cross representative and give them the life-saving medications that her mother required but they refused to take them.

“The only reason we’re standing here and exposing ourselves is in order to save whoever is left,” Tal said.

“Someone should urge the Red Cross and all the women’s organizations; someone should shout this cry – what are you here for?”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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