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WAVE OR I’LL SHOOT YOU! Hamas Forces Child Hostages To Smile For Their Propaganda [SEE VIDEOS]

The sickeningly inhumane Hamas terrorists – the same ones that butchered 1,200 innocent civilians, including by burning babies alive – now want you to believe that they’re really the good guys.

As part of its propaganda campaign, Hamas has been forcing released hostages to perform scripted acts as they are handed over to the Red Cross in Gaza, including waving them goodbye, fist-bumping little children, and handing water bottles to the hostages.

Don’t forget: these hostages – most of whom have family members who were murdered by these barbaric monsters or are still being held hostage – were themselves abducted in a violent, murderous attack, taken into Gaza, kept in pitch-black tunnels, subsisted on practically nothing for 50 days, slept on benches, and didn’t receive an ounce of medical care from the bloodthirsty terrorists.

And yet, Hamas has the stunning gall to act as their heroes and liberators, kindly and mercifully releasing them back home.

The IDF will hopefully soon wipe them all off the face of Earth, but what is coming to them in the Next World will surely be far worse than anything inflicted on them by Israeli soldiers fighting to protect, defend, and save their Jewish brethren from the unadulterated evil that is Hamas and its legions.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Pallywood at its’ finest. And unfortunately it will work. The media will show the clips of the fake acting, and won’t point out the obvious incongruity.

  2. *Hashem* will wipe out enemies off the face of this earth!

    Maybe charge IDF, and maybe any other way.

    We must remember who is in charge, and Who enables anything and everything, everywhere!

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