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EXPOSED AS LIAR: Released Terrorist: “They Broke My Arms, Starved Me” [VIDEOS]

Palestinian teen terrorist Muhammad Nazal, who was released from prison this week as part of the hostage deal, appeared in the Palestinian media immediately after his release and repeated a series of barefaced lies about his treatment in Israeli prison.

He is seen on a number of scripted propaganda videos with both arms in slings, claiming that prison guards beat him with hammers, breaking both his arms, and then left him in excruciating pain for eight days without any medical treatment.

He also claimed that the prison guards “starved the prisoners to death,” providing only a plate of plain rice for ten people [his stocky appearance belied this claim], and he and his cellmates “froze” without heating or blankets. He added that the abuse was so severe that one of the prisoners died.

The Israel Prison Services responded to the lies with facts, including posting a video of Nazal being released to the Red Cross with both arms fully functioning. He is seen moving his arms normally and placing his hand in his pocket as he waits for the bus and using one of his hands to grasp the railing as he boards the bus. It also issued a statement saying that Nazal received a medical examination as part of the regular release procedure and no medical issues were diagnosed.

The IDF stated: “The claims of violence against the prisoner are false and serve false Palestinian propaganda, the purpose of which is to harm the good name of the State of Israel. Security guards will continue to act professionally for the safety of the citizens of the State of Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. In the Arab culture, there are no stigmas associated with lying and no virtue for the truth. In the Arab culture there are only words that can help your cause and words that can hurt your cause. Lying in order to further your agenda is ingrained into the Arab spirit. And other Arabs know this. Arabs know when Arabs are lying. When Arabs go on TV to lie they are not doing it for Arab consumption. They are doing it for Western consumption. Unless and until the West starts understanding the Arab mode of thinking the West will continue to be the sucker.

  2. born to kill. this guy is nidon all sheim sofo that rachmana litzlan what he will grow up to be they should of mangled him on the spot

  3. The “Palestinians” will pick up all of the awards at the Oscars and Golden Globes in the coming year if they keep us up.

  4. The terrorist detailed how he deserved to be treated, not how he was treated. G-d willing, he has no place in Olam Haba and, I hope, only a very short stay in Olam Hazeh.

  5. Aaaaaaahhhhh! Heartbreaking…..!!!! The Brothers Grimm must be weeping that their imaginations were nowhere near as colourful or entertaining as the fantasies dripping out of this evil, satanic monster’s lips. May he suffer from fatal blood poisoning from his “wounds”.

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