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US Says “Extremist West Bank Settlers” Will Be Barred From America

In a rare punitive move against Israel, the State Department said Tuesday it will impose travel bans on “extremist Jewish settlers” implicated in a rash of recent attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the step after warning Israel last week that President Joe Biden’s administration would be taking action over the attacks. Blinken did not announce individual visa bans, but officials said those would be coming this week and could affect dozens of settlers and their families.

“We have underscored to the Israeli government the need to do more to hold accountable extremist settlers who have committed violent attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank,” Blinken said in a statement. “As President Biden has repeatedly said, those attacks are unacceptable.”

“Today, the State Department is implementing a new visa restriction policy targeting individuals believed to have been involved in undermining peace, security or stability in the West Bank, including through committing acts of violence or taking other actions that unduly restrict civilians’ access to essential services and basic necessities,” Blinken said.

He said the U.S. would continue to seek accountability for “settler violence” against Palestinians as well as Palestinian attacks against Israelis in the West Bank and Israel, particularly as tensions are extremely high due to the conflict in Gaza.

“Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority have the responsibility to uphold stability in the West Bank,” Blinken said. “Instability in the West Bank both harms the Israeli and Palestinian people and threatens Israel’s national security interests.”

Tuesday’s move comes just a month after Israel was granted entry into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, which allows its citizens visa-free entry into the U.S. Those targeted will not be eligible for the program, and those who hold current U.S. visas will have them revoked.


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  1. Palestinians attack Israelis on a daily basis, stealing cattle, throwing stones, etc;.
    US response: We’ll welcome them to the USA, since they’re not doing so well over there.

    Israeli “Settlers” steal cattle back, throw stones back at the throwers, defend their land,
    US response: We’ll barre you from coming to the USA ever again!

  2. Just curious – where is the holy US State Department when Palestinians lynch (or attempt to) Israelis? Where are they when Palestinians throw rocks at Jews and their vehicles? Only Jewish violence is extremist?

  3. So non-existent Israeli citizen violence versus the Arabs can’t happen but highly very existent violence of the Arabs against the Israelis could happen? And the extremist pieces of garbage that we have in Congress is allowed to happen as well?

    The Democrat Party and their supporters will do everyone a favor by dropping dead immediately.

  4. That’s right change the narrative and make it about 2 Israelis or so that did perhaps something wrong. What a smokescreen. Ashamed to be affiliated with such ridiculous rhetoric

  5. Civilians shouldn’t be attacking anyone. While on the subject, Mr Blinken may want to consider removing extremist terrorist supporters here in the US from the public at large.

  6. The US plans to ban Israelis who defend themselves from Arab terrorists in Judea and Samaria? This sounds like blatant anti-Semitism to me. I am ashamed for my country (the U.S.)!

  7. I don’t get you guys: The biggest chillul Hashem is happening under our noses. The settlers have no conscience and go against Torah 100%. I support Israel the way it is, since it’s a state that hosts our holy brothers (all of them).

    When settlers with the “holy” long beyos burn down houses, they are not better than them. SAY IT I YOU HAVE ANY DECENCY! SAY IT!!!

    Do we need this at this time? What are they buying us? More anti semitism? More reasons for the world to hate us? In whom’s name are they acting, other than stupid Kahana and his unholy goons!

    So Palestinians also do terror? I agree 1000% but that doesn’t allow us to have the world say: They are no better than them or c’v the Germans in ww2! If you love the Shita that the medina is ok, THIS IS NOT…

  8. I find the narrative that Biden-Blinken are trying to create absolutely galling and low. Those “settlers”(hate that word!) are generally people who wouldn’t dream of leaving the Holy Land. For them, living even on the outlying, remote and isolated parts of the country is motivated by the mitzva of yishuv E.Y. they dont seek to go to India and Nepal after military service to air out. They are the genuine salt of the earth. So you can’t keep them out of the US because they don’t want to come!

  9. Both sides both sides both sides both sides both sides both sides. Hamas and the settlers must tone down the inflammatory rhetoric. Israel must give away more strategic land to Hamas.
    Is John Kerry and Susan Rice back?

  10. It’s not about strategic land, number 1. It’s also how they go about to get those lands. Violence isn’t the answer. All those religious zionists need a lesson how to get things done the jewish way. The first Bobover Rebbe said of Zionism: Der Tzil Kashert Nisht Der Mittle; literally: The goal doesn’t justify the means…

    Even if you don’t subscribe to the Shita, who ever said that getting land by violence is OK? I’m using the Rachmonis that TORAH demands; self guided compassion can be corrupt, but Torah demands!

    Like the second Reb Shlomo of Bobov said. I remember it clearly when a goy was harrasing a yid and the shomim of those days, beat him up to the point of legal action. I remember the banging on the table (wasn’t his regular style), in addition to calling out that we need to keep our heads low in golus, quoting: “Ich volt nisht gekent tzukikin vie men shlugt a kuf lamed bais (dog); literally, “I wouldn’t be able to see how you can hit a dog”. Do you need more than this??? That’s what I learned. That Bnei Avraham are: Rachmanim, Beidhunim,and Gomlei chassaim mitsad their existance, not the neshama necessarily. Like the Tanya says: Betoldosom (in their nature).

    Ok: When we need to defend ourselves from eradication and death; when we need to protect our people using military means, of course we need to act. False rachmunis would call for an end to Gaza war too. An end to the right (obligation) for Israel to defend itself.

    I’d love to hear which category the settlers (beryoinim of today) belong to. The yiddish way or the goyish way. Explanation is very welcomed. Thanks…

  11. silly remark, they are already exist there, leader OBAMA__TOO many foolish Americans adding to the ridiculous…..none of your business , you don’t live here shut up..period

  12. Btw I totally agree that the settlers shouldn’t burn down houses etc

    But I just don’t like your phraseology. As u can see there in the radak, it’s a little krum.

    And no, I’m not saying it’s the exact same thing.

    I’m solely saying that your attitude seems a little krum, that’s all.

    And blinken, just btw, whoa, what a retard.

  13. This is an excellent idea. Hopefully some of the extremist Israeli zionist settlers who stir up trouble for all other Jews, will be discouraged from engaging in their provocative and violent behaviors.

  14. Yashar:

    Taking the English interpretation as a reference towards the Radak!

    “ 7. Remember, O Lord, against the Edomites, the day of Jerusalem; who said, Raze it, raze it, to its foundation. 8. O daughter of Babylon, you are to be destroyed! Happy shall he be, who repays you for what you have done to us. 9. Happy shall he be, who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock.”

    As it starts with O Lord, it refers to HASHEM’S nekamah. He will do as he says, based on the holy Radak. Where do you see that you can extrapolate this statement to be used by humans??? When Torah says: Lo sechayeh kol neshamah, there should not be any false rachminos. What about killing a mitzri after 3 generations (or possibly a second generation when it comes to killing)? Not allowed. When not allowed, the rachmunus also kicks in.

    Is there really a nafka mina between killing a “would be” terrorist or an Arab and a goy in Brooklyn that was harassing a Jew? Yet, would you disagree at daas Torah from a tzaddik (bobover rebbe z”l, which kept talking very harshly against the shvartza and potricana as bad people), yet showed such disgust and yiddish rachmunis, when counter attack was not called for? Do you disagree with him???

    I see no difference. An Arab that’s an obvious threat, needs to be dealt with: if a threat is suspected, the courts can and should possibly evict him or jail him. If he’s vicious or shows intent, kill the scum…

    I’m talking about the idea that a yid can kill, ruin property, raze houses, evict for no reason, and more. The Radak is very specific on the pasuk: Hashem will avenge but I’m sure it will be with mishpat; maybe, the descendants, I don’t know. But this is Hashem, not for humans and not in Golus. Eretz Yisroel today, is still Golus…

    You need to be able to compartmentalize your Torah thoughts and put them into correctly labeled folders (so to speak). Use them when applicable. I’m stressing Torah rachmunis and Torah anti-Zionism… When Torah asks or allows, it’s a TOTALS different story. I can turn around 180 degrees when Torah says differently than me. Anytime…

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