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WATCH: Almost 100 Hamas Terrorists Surrender To IDF Forces

A video spread on social media in Israel on Motzei Shabbos showing dozens of Hamas terrorists surrendering to IDF forces in the Gaza Strip on Shabbos.

In the video, a speaker can be heard over a loudspeaker saying in Arabic: “Does anyone have a gun? Put down your rifles – slowly, slowly.” One of the terrorists can be seen placing his rifle on the ground in a pile of other weapons.

Videos and images of dozens of terrorists surrounding to the IDF began spreading on social media last week.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said on Friday that the IDF arrested over 200 terrorists in the past 48 hours and transferred them to the Shin Bet and the IDF’s Intelligence Unit for interrogation. The arrested terrorists included Hamas commanders and Nukhba operatives.

According to Hagari, the terrorists arrested last week told interrogators that “their situation in Gaza is difficult and the Hamas leadership denies the reality although they receive updates on the situation. The operatives feel that the Hamas leadership doesn’t care about the public in Gaza.”

“The intelligence that emerges from the interrogations creates more targets and assists in operational activities,” Hagari concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Great ! the question is what Israel is going to do with them. Put them in Jail until and then exchange all of them for another Gilad Shalit , or to release hostages? And then what? We all know these rats are going to commit terrorist act again. They must be hanged . No other way to end with terrorism

  2. I don’t really believe they’re all hamas. That person remained with his AK after getting undressed? And why so few weapons for so many terrorists?

  3. Something is very wrong over here why are so many Hamas people all of a sudden surrendering I have a feeling it’s some type of trick although I can’t figure out what.

  4. that’s one way to get israel to feed them. unfortunately, neither “free-room-and-board” nor “catch-and-release” will solve anything.

  5. I am proud of my diagnosis from the video. Some of them now complain that Israelis didn’t treat well terrorists with high blood pressure and diabetes. Free Diagnostics for everyone who uploads their video on this site
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