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WEST IS NEXT: Gallant: “Israel Aided Europe In Foiling HUNDREDS Of Attacks In Recent Years”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told the Daily Mail that Israel “is fighting on the frontline of the free world.”

In an interview with the UK paper published on Sunday, Gallant warned that “Hamas propaganda is influencing universities and protests, and money is being poured in which is activating terror networks around the world. This is a collision course between civilizations. Hamas represents a medieval phenomenon.”

Gallant added that Gazan civilians have accused Hamas of capitalizing on the humanitarian crisis by stealing food and this should serve as a warning to the British public of Hamas’s true nature.

“When there is a fire in the first house, you have to stop it from spreading in the village and reaching the church,” Gallant continued. “Israel is like the first house. We are fighting on the frontline of the free world against terrorism. Hamas uses every tool possible – including sacrificing hundreds of thousands of civilians. They are capitalizing on the humanitarian situation and using the civilian population. They have built hundreds of kilometers of tunnels under hospitals, schools, etcetera. They are using hospitals and civilian infrastructure to protect terror infrastructure.”

“It’s hard to bring democracies to fight wars but once we are in one, we are much stronger because we are fighting to defend our values. In the northern region of Gaza, Hamas is suffering massive losses and we are achieving our military goals. Hamas terrorists have two options: die or surrender.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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