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HORRIBLE: Nearly A Fifth Of IDF Troop Casualties In Gaza Were Killed By Friendly Fire

The Israel Defense Forces released new data on Tuesday revealing that out of 105 Israeli soldiers killed so far in the ongoing ground offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, 20 lost their lives due to friendly fire and other accidents.

According to the IDF, 13 of these soldiers were victims of friendly fire, resulting from mistaken identification in situations involving airstrikes, tank shelling, and gunfire. This includes one soldier who was tragically killed by gunfire not intended for them, and two others who lost their lives due to accidental misfires.

Additionally, the IDF reported that two soldiers were killed in incidents involving armored vehicles inadvertently running over troops. In separate incidents, two soldiers died from shrapnel injuries, including explosives detonated by Israeli forces themselves.

The IDF has attributed these unfortunate incidents to a variety of factors, including the large-scale deployment of forces within the confined and densely populated neighborhoods of Gaza City. Communication challenges among the troops and instances of soldiers being fatigued and not fully adhering to regulations have also been cited as contributing factors.

Despite these incidents, the IDF has emphasized the strong cooperation between different branches of the military, particularly highlighting the effective air support provided to ground troops.

As of the latest reports, the IDF has confirmed the deaths of 105 soldiers since the commencement of the ground incursion on October 27. In addition, 582 soldiers have been wounded during the operation, with 133 suffering serious injuries, 218 moderate, and 231 light, as per the IDF’s latest data.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. ״לא תעלו כי אין ה׳ בקרבכם ולא תנגפו לפני אויבכם״. ״ לא תעלו בחומה ולא תמרדו באומות ולא תדחקו את הקץ אם אתם מקיימין השבועות מוטב ואם לאו אני מתיר את בשרכם כצבאות וכאיילות השדה״.

  2. Friendly fire, like collateral damage, has unfortunately been part of warfare since the beginning. There is no way to eliminate it.

  3. 5783 – חוץ מזה, צה”ל מחלקת כדורי מניעת הריון לכל חיילת המבקשת אותם בלי שאלות כי זה עולה להם פחות מניתוחי הפלה שהיו עושים בלאו הכי, והמבין יבין, ולא יראה בך ערבת דבר ושב מאחריך

  4. what happened to the big muscle esav “tzava shelanu” people?
    Are they hiding away in embarrassment, or will they make up more stories and hem and haw…..

  5. Modern weapons are not especially accurate. In the past soldiers wore very distinctive uniforms (e.g. the Brits wore red coats, other countries preferred white, blue, or green) so they could tell who to shoot at. Compared to 300 years ago, soldiers today all dress alike. Plus, before the mid-19th century soldiers fired a few rounds in strictly controlled formation, and then basically “rumbled” with swords, bayonets and rifles used as clubs; now they fire a great distance and use automated weapons with fire rates that would be mind boggling in the 18th century – meaning they have much less control over who they shoot.

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