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“Hamas Massacre And Rift In Israel Were Connected,” IDF Spokesperson Says

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari spoke for the first time on Monday evening about the rift in Israeli society, including calls for IDF refusal, prior to the October 7th massacre, acknowledging that it is “reasonable to assume” a connection between the rift and Hamas’s decision to attack Israel.

Answering a question by a Ynet reporter whether the IDF identified a connection between the two events, he replied: “These things will be clarified in the in-depth investigation that we will carry out but the answer is that it is reasonable to assume that.”

“The characteristic of a rift,” Harel added, “the readiness of the army, perhaps in its [Hamas’s] perception, is one of the characteristics tied to it. This can be appreciated. I think that now we are focused on the battle, and they [Hamas] are encountering a determined and functioning army. Many things that came up before are expressed on the battlefield.”

“The way we see the reserve system as one system – Air Force, ground, sea, special units – all the things that previously came up in public discourse – all function together, determined against a common enemy.”

“I think in this sense, it is worthy of appreciation. People endanger their lives and unfortunately, some also fall in battle and it reflects the strength and resilience of Israeli society facing historical challenges and periods, and this is how we operate.”

Hagari also spoke about the daily operations of the forces in Gaza and revealed that the IDF recently captured more terrorists who participated in the massacre: “Our forces continue to fight mainly in the southern area. During the fighting in Khan Younis, our forces identified suspects who hid among women and children. We took them for interrogation, where it became clear that there were terrorists among them who participated in the October 7th attack.”

The IDF spokesperson addressed Israelis who evacuated their homes near Israel’s northern border: “In addition to the difficulty of leaving home, your resilience in recent months is inspiring and greatly appreciated. Your concerns are understandable. We will be attentive to every claim and we will build the process of returning to the yishuvim together with the civilian leadership. It’s a long, challenging road and the burden of proof is on us.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. People from countries that lack a tradition of democracy, frequently mistake debate over how the country is governed for a sign that the country is disintegrating. Remember that Hamas’s plan was to establish a single Islamic state “from the river to the sea”, since they perceived Israel as a ripe fruit ready for picking. The Russians, Chinese, Iranians and North Koreans similar perceive western democracies as being on the verge of collapse, and feel that a slight push and they will all collapse.

  2. The Left, and the anti-Netanyahuv judicial Reform protesters, and their calls pre-October 7, for reservists to refuse duty and to refuse to serve, are directly responsible for the October 7 Hamas attacking and the subsequent war that’s currently ongoing.

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