A woman of about 70 was murdered and 17 people were injured at a multi-scene terror attack in Ra’anana on Monday afternoon in which two terrorists from Chevron took control of two cars and stabbed and rammed into multiple people on three different streets, including many children and teens who were on their way home from school.

At least three victims, including a 16-year-old teenager, are in serious condition and the other victims are in moderate and light condition. Schneider Children’s Hospital said that it is treating four children and teens in moderate condition who were evacuated from the scene of the attack. Additional children and teens who were evacuated to Beilinson Hospital will be transferred to Schneider.

The attack began when a terrorist, a Palestinian resident of Chevron in his 40s, took control of a woman’s car, stabbing her and throwing her out of the car. He then rammed into three pedestrians next to a bus stop. He then crashed into a guard rail and left the car. Aftward, he took control of another car and continued the rampage on a second street, ramming and stabbing more people. Meanwhile, the second terrorist took control of another car on a third street, ramming into more people before fleeing the scene.

MDA paramedics reported that they provided emergency medical aid and evacuated nine people to Beilinson and Meir hospitals, including three in serious condition and six in moderate condition.

A spokesperson for the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba said that four victims were rushed to its trauma unit and are currently being treated. In total, six victims were brought to the hospital with stabbing wounds and injuries from ramming.

A large number of security forces are at the scene. One terrorist, Mahmoud Zidat, 44, was quickly detained and security forces carried out searches to rule out the possibility of additional terrorists in the area. A few minutes later, the police arrested a second terrorist, Ahmed Zidat, a relative, 24, a resident of the same town in the Chevron area. Both terrorists were working in Ra’anana’s industrial zone illegally.

Arrest of the second terrorist.

Ra’anana Mayor Chaim Broyde has requested that city residents stay in place, including parents, who were told not to pick up their children from schools or kindergartens. Older students were instructed not to leave their schools.

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This is a developing story.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Combined attack in Ra’anana: at least 18 injured including 4 children, 5 in serious condition and 1 critically.
    Stabbed a driver, stole her car – and started a rampage in the city, ramming with one vehicle, then taking over snother vehicle using that too to hit people: many citizens were injured, including a 70-year-old woman in critical condition. After a hunt, the Arab terrorist, a resident of Hebron, was arrested.


  2. Where were the armed civilians when this savage took over three cars? Or don’t they believe in that sort of thing in left wing Raanana?

  3. Where is South Africa?
    I guess the Hague is too busy now with frivolous business!

    They should cut this guy’s arms and legs off – without anesthesia of course.

  4. The two terrorists, relatives who were prevented from entering Israel, arrived in Ra’anana three days ago with fake identity cards. In their investigation they said: “When the war in Gaza started, my cousin and I decided to carry out an attack and become martyrs. We arrived in Ra’anana three days ago by bus from Hebron. At first we wanted to stab Jews, then we decided to run over as many Jews as possible…


  5. Avreimi, this is Israel, not the USA. They don’t believe in the fundamental human right to be armed for the defense of oneself and others. Even with the very recent relaxation of the laws, they’re still draconian by USA standards.

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