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Massive Explosions Rock Rafah Hours After Biden Urges IDF Against Attacking [VIDEOS]

The IDF appears to have begun limited military operations in Rafah, with heavy shelling reported in the areas surrounding the Kuwaiti Hospital in the southern Gaza city.

Videos posted by local journalists show injured and dead people, likely terrorists, being brought to the hospital following the attacks.

The shelling comes in the wake of US President Joe Biden telling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday that Israel should not go ahead with a military operation in the densely populated Gaza border town of Rafah without a “credible” plan to protect civilians. It is unknown if such a plan was presented.

The Palestinian Red Crescent confirmed that “violent” Israeli strikes are ongoing against the city of Rafah, but neither it nor the IDF provided no details on the targets of the strikes or casualties from them.

The IDF released a brief statement saying, “The IDF conducted a series of strikes on terror targets in the area of Shaboura in the southern Gaza Strip. The strikes have concluded.” The statement would suggest that a full-scale invasion of the city has not yet begun.

Rafah has become a massive shelter for more than 1 million Palestinians who were evacuated from their homes in Northern Gaza as the IDF cleared those areas of Hamas terrorists. Evacuation centers and makeshift camps have been established recently alongside the borders of Egypt, with the Egypt warning Israel that military operations inside the city could lead it to suspend the Camp David Accords, which established peace between Israel and the Arab country 46 years ago.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Why must Israel always be expected to first be hit: this time it’s the reverse, AS IT SHOULD BE. The proof is that the arabs have not ceased their hostilities. They have not become conciliatory! They continue their terror atrocities. Hit them harder than hard! Harder than that!

  2. never stop Israel….never, ever, this enemy is being funded by America South and North Korea and most of the world….shame on them……May Hashem walk us through this one with joy

  3. “but neither it nor the IDF provided no details on the targets of the strikes or casualties from them.”
    The English in which this article was written is an affront to the intelligence of your readers. You need better writers and or effective editors.

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