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IDF Uncovers Another Massive Hamas Tunnel, Kills Hamas Gunmen Hiding Inside

The IDF announced the discovery and subsequent raid of another major tunnel network operated by Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip, near Khan Younis.

During a meticulously coordinated effort, members of the elite Yahalom combat engineering unit alongside additional forces from the 98th Division engaged in a comprehensive operation to infiltrate the subterranean complex. The IDF detailed encountering multiple reinforced blast doors and diverse obstacles devised by Hamas operatives to thwart any incursions.

Israeli eliminated multiple Hamas gunmen positioned within the labyrinthine tunnel system, taking them out in close-quarters combat, during which the IDF said it employed specialized tactics.

Further exploration of the tunnel revealed it to be over a kilometer in length, featuring not just pathways for movement but also living quarters complete with water and electricity supplies. According to the IDF, the investment in the tunnel’s infrastructure amounted to millions of shekels, highlighting the strategic importance placed on this network by the terror group.

The IDF said the tunnel was a critical component of a larger, strategic network of underground passages beneath Khan Younis. This network, according to Israeli military intelligence, was instrumental for the concealment and mobility of senior Hamas officials as well as for the operations of the Khan Younis Brigade, facilitating both shelter and a platform for launching attacks.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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